Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Forecast.

Labor Day Forecast!

Labor day. I have been looking through many different weather models today and it is looking like I may have to keep in around a 20 to 30% chance for a scattered stray shower between Sunday and Monday. I don't look for anything big or a total wash out. However I have to keep this chance in.

Temperatures will again be in the middle to upper 70s for Sunday and Labor Day. Labor Day is looking closer to the low 80s at this time. Lows in the upper 50s on both Sunday and Labor Day.

Now with it being Labor Day Weekend I wanted to show a little something of what Labor Day is. Check it out below.
Labor Day,is a legal holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Canal Zone, and the Virgin Islands. The celebration of Labor Day, in honor of the working class, it was first suggested by Peter J. McGuire, founder of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. It was initiated in the U.S. in 1882 by the Knights of Labor, who held a large parade in New York City. In 1884 the group held a parade on the first Monday of September and passed a resolution to hold all future parades on that day and to designate the day as Labor Day. In March 1887, the first state law to declare the day a legal holiday was passed in Colorado, followed by New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. In 1894 the U.S. Congress made the day a legal holiday. Parades, and speeches by labor leaders and political figures, mark Labor Day celebrations. Labor Day is celebrated in Canada on the first Monday in September. The first parades and rallies to honor workers were held in 1872 in Ottawa and Toronto, and the September date was officially recognized by Parliament in 1894.
Happy Labor Day Weekend Bloggers.
I'll Check Back Soon..........


Anonymous said...

Happy Labor Day weekend to you Justin and all.

Does look like a backup plan might be in order in case of rain. By the looks of the Radar, Il is getting it and appears it is moving our way?

All have a good one And Purdue WON!


Anonymous said...

I woke to a wet deck this morning! Saw rain on radar flirting with the area as I went to bed last evening. I have .02 in the gauge!

Have a safe rest of the weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

interesting fact about Labor day justin, I never knew that and I'm the researcher in the family oh well Happy Labor Day to all.


Anonymous said...

Back to blogger I see ;-)
It's been a while since I have been on. I had modem issues and just got my new modem a few days ago. I never realized how much I depend on the internet until I was without it!!

The weather sure has been pretty good to us lately. However, I feel all the mild temps we've all experienced may mean we are in for a COLD and nasty winter. I hope I am wrong but that is what my gut is saying.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe labor day weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Had a nice warm, little rain shower where I am located. Not to amount to much though. Even though it is a nice 72* the air is heavy.


Brow said...

Wouldn't mind seeing one of these. :)


... Cold air funnels possible into early this evening...

A cold pool of air aloft is not only allowing for the development
of showers and a few thunderstorms... but also isolated cold air

Cold air funnels are typically short-lived and rarely touch down.
Atmospheric conditions that cause the funnels are not supportive
of strong... damaging tornadoes. On the rare occasions that the
funnels touch the ground... little... if any... damage occurs. The
conditions causing these funnel clouds are expected to end this

If threatening weather approaches... move indoors to a place of
safety. The National Weather Service will continue to closely
monitor the situation.