Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Happy Autumn"

Most of the heavy rainfall did as expected and stayed to our south and east however the WLFI viewing area did see some rain. Note it was not a lot and we could use MORE! However some areas seen more then others. Take a look below.

Indianapolis, 0.20"

Rensselaer, 0.05"

Williamsport, 0.04"

Logansport, 0.04"

Remington, 0.03"

Kentland, 0.02"

Lafayette, Trace
As for the heavier amounts in Indiana They stayed to our south and east in areas like Henry county where they seen rainfall around 0.45" inches. If we go just another county to the south oh Henry we will find Rush county where again they had higher amounts around 0.58" inches. You can see in the radar image below taken Sunday night around 10:28pm EDT.
You can see above in the Blue the real heavy rainfall. This image really shows what we was seeing pretty much all day of Sunday into that night. Just a lot of hit and miss scattered light showers. I know we all was wishing and hoping for more. However maybe next time we will see this rain take a more western track and head over our area. The lawns NEED IT!

Also I have been talking about this day here on the weather blog all month long and it is now HERE! Yes, it is the first day of Autumn! The air is fresh the trees are starting to change colors and I'M loving every minute of it. Oak so maybe I should calm down a little :-) So because it is the first day of Autumn I thought we would have a few quick Fun Facts about Autumn here on JIWB.~ What are leaves for?
A leaf is like a miniature factory. It takes the ingredients of sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and chlorophyll to make food for itself.

~ Why do leaves fall off trees in the autumn?
In autumn, there is less sunlight because the days are shorter. Because sunlight is a crucial ingredient in the leaf "factory", the leaf is unable to sustain itself any longer. It becomes weak, breaks from the branch, and floats to the ground.

~ Why are leaves different colors in autumn than the rest of the year?
I'll bet you didn't know that leaves are really red, yellow, orange, and brown all year long; we just can't see it! The intense green pigment of chlorophyll actually blocks the pigments of the other colors. You could say that the other colors are "invisible". In the autumn, red, yellow, orange, and brown become visible and bright when the green chlorophyll weakens before the leaf falls off the tree.

To make things more fun here is a link you all can check out. http://www.quizmoz.com/quizzes/Trivia-Quizzes/a/Autumn-Trivia-Quiz.asp

It is a link to an Autumn quiz to see how well you know Autumn. I just took this quiz and I got a 60% out of 100%. Average for this quiz is around 51%. My 60% is a pass. Now go see what your score will be! I got six out of ten questions right. Not my best but it'll do! ;-)

Now I will check back again soon with more weather details and I will also let you know if we have any more rain chances for this week.


Anonymous said...

I was up at 3:30 this morning, thinking I heard thunder! Well, silly me it was the water softener doing its thing. BUT upon checking radar there was a nice blob of green over Benton/Newton Counties! Would love to know how much rain they got!


Anonymous said...

Happy Autumn! What a pretty morning, yet the air is so heavy, I feel rain is not too far away.

Mary Anne maybe you will hear thunder today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Justin, i am like you autumn, is my # 2 favorite season, and can you guess what # 1 is ?? Winter !!!!,, love your blogs Becky

Justin said...

Thanks Becky.

will have to have a snowball fight this winter Ha Ha. :)

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