Friday, October 9, 2009

Crazy BIG Numbers! How Much More Can We Expect?

Heavy rainfall across the area has given way to some BIG Numbers! Some bigger then others! I thought Lafayette had a good number until I just got a report from Mellott, In Fountain county. They have seen rainfall around 4.00" inches. Onw of the biggest I have seen in our viewing area. Most of us have picked up around one to two inches in the WLFI Viewing area. Here are the number at this time and remember it is still coming down right now!

Mellott, 4.00" Inches

Lafayette, 2.40" Inches

Williamsport, 1.99" Inches

Attica, 1.96" Inches

Remington, 1.28" Inches

Kentland, 1.21" Inches

Monticello, 1.16" Inches

There is still so much moisture being pulled into this system that I would not count out another quarter to a half inch possible in areas.

Now I'M still watching the rivers like crazy however we are currently at 3.17ft on the Wabash river. We are still expected to creast on Sunday at 2:am at around 7.7" ft. This is not flood stage however it is Action stage! So we will continur to keep watch! Here is a look at the radar image as of 12:07PM EDT.

We can't wait for that lighter rain to move over our area for a while! :) We have been going crazy for raun however this may just be a little to much! ;-) I will continue to watch things closely! And I will keep you posted as needed. Stay dry and drive safe..........

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Thanks for the rain fall amounts Justin.