Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's The Cause Of All The Rain? I Have Your Answer!

Well, just like I'am I can see you all are not happy about bombing the moon ether! I'M just glad we got the word out and now you all know whats going on as well.

Now we have some other weather to talk about today! It has been raining none stop all morning. And we do have that Flood watch posted our area that I showed you all in the last post. Flood warnings out for areas to our south and also Flash flood warnings to our south and west! This is a lot of rain we are talking about and there are already many people that wish they were not in the Midwest right now! So what is the cause for all this rain? Well I have your answer below.
Here's whats going. You can see we have the cold front to our north and west. This cold air "Push" is moving into out area by later on tonight into Friday. Also we have a low pressure system to our south and west in areas of TX. This Low pressure system is pushing up all the warmer moist golf air into our viewing area where you see that warm front to our south. All this warm moisture being pushed up into our area is lifted by this cold front. The cold front acts like a plow pushing itself up and under the warm moist air lifting itto the atmosphere causing rain. And this rain is why more then what we really need! Lafayette, IN, Has already seen rainfall to 0.70" inches with much more on the way! Just take a look at this water vapor map showing all the moisture being pushed into our area from the golf.
We are looking for this rain which is heavy at times to go through out much of the day into tonight. Take a look at this national radar image taken a 12:00pm below.This is just a slow moving system. Training rain is the story today! And we will be watching the rivers that is for sure! The good news about this is we are not expecting the river to crest at flood stage which is 11.0ft. However at this time it is expected to crest closer to 7.7ft which is action stage. Still we will continue to keep watch!Here is a look at your local radar above. I will check back again as needed. Until then remember your umbrella's and rain coats! Stay dry and stay well. Temps will not get out of the low to middle 50s today! Yes, it is a COLD BITTER RAIN! And I love it.....

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Anonymous said...

Justin, just checked the gauge and have 1.28 inches rain and it is still raining lightly.