Monday, October 26, 2009

How Was Your Weekend? Did You See Jupiter? You Will Get Another Chance Tonight!

Everyone enjoy there weekend? Well, we have a little bit of rain to talk about today into Wednesday. As you can see above there will be a slight chance for a stray scattered shower to move through parts of the WLFI Viewing area later on. Nothing heavy in the least bit which is good news. Rainfall would be around a tenth inch or less. This line is what will be the rain threat for tomorrow. Again not expecting to see much in the way of rain. Later on Tuesday night into Wednesday is when we will see the much better chance at some rain to move through the area where we will see rainfall amounts between a quarter and a half inch possible. And I will have more on that a little later. So what did I do on my weekend? Take a look above and below. After watching the Sunday football game between the Rams and the Colts I headed out to see what kind of fall pictures I could get. This believe it or not is just from around my neighborhood. This is the most colorful autumn I can remember in a long time.And what helps these pictures stand out was the blue sky in the background that is for sure! It was a perfect autumn day.
And I cannot forget what treat we had on Saturday night! Remember we talked about the moon and Jupiter being side by side on Monday/ Tonight? Well, that is still true. However you could still see Jupiter and the moon Saturday night looking south. They were not side by side however it was still an amazing thing to see through the scope. Take a look below. Now I would like to point out that Jupiter was more visible in person lol. I have a camera in my phone so it don't like to zoom to far. :) But you can still see the little dot lol. Here is a little closer picture below of Jupiter.Now if we see a break in the clouds tonight then remember to look in the south sky and look for Jupiter side by side the moon. You will know which one is Jupiter as it will look like a bright bright star.
I will check back in soon with a update on the rain coming by Wednesday. And maybe another warm up in time for Halloween! I will let you know if you should have the heavy Jackets on Halloween or not!

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics Justin! Rain can stay away! I did see Jupiter, nice clear skys the last couple of nights.

Pretty day!

Have a nice evening all!