Saturday, October 24, 2009

Your Weekend Update Is Here! And The Parakeets Are Ready To Carve There Pumpkins!

What are we going to do this weekend? Well, we are going to enjoy the beautiful Autumn colors and all the falling leaves! My favorite thing to do is watch outside my window and see all the trees change. This is what I do daily while working on the blog post. However I'M not the only one enjoying the leaves this time of year.
Yes, this is a picture my Aunt sent in of her dog Archie. I know for a fact he always gives her a hard time. lol. I'M just thinking about the mess he is bringing into her house after all the rain we have seen this week! :) And what dog don't love playing in the leaves? I don't think I know of any. I do know every year I rake the back yard my dog always waits until I finish to jump in the pile and undo all my work! lol. You think I would learn to keep him inside by now. But who am I to take his fun away? :)

Even the Parakeets are getting into this Autumn weather! It is almost Halloween and they are ready to carve there pumpkins. ;-)
LOL I love this picture. Ziva, above is my sisters parakeet and as you can see she loves the camera! How can you look at this picture and not get a smile on your face? I can't do it. Ha Ha. My boy Memo, below is not as much of a fan of the camera as Ziva, is.
He loves the pumpkin however he is on the go 24-7 and would not stop moving for five seconds to get a nice picture! He's a little punk lol. And he knows it! ;) He has such a crazy one of a kind personality. This bird picks on my sister all the time. And I know what your thinking. "How does a little parakeet pick on a human?" Answer, EASY! My sister has rocks on a shelf on which she lets the birds sit. Well, Memo, thinks its funny to pick up the quarter size rocks and throw them at her while she works on the computer. And not just at her but right into her freshly poured glass of soda! :) And I cannot forget about the many fly by poops. LOL. Teri, seems to think I teach him to do these things! "Me?" Never..... Waaaa Haaa Haaaa ha. :D

Now let me get to your quick cast weekend forecast! LOL Fly by poops HA HA.......... Oak I'M done now! ;-)

Quick Cast Blog Cast.....

Today we will see AM, clouds and PM, sun. Once the morning clouds start to clear we will look for some Partly cloudy skies to over take much of the WLFI viewing area. Highs will feel rather cool as they are expected to be in the upper 40s closer to 48°F degrees. Lows will be in the low to middle 30s. We can expect to see winds between 10 and 15 mph.

Sunday we will have to keep a slight chance for some scattered showers to move in that night. We will look for Partly to mostly cloudy skies through out the day with a 20% to 30% chance of some scattered showers to move in later on that night into Monday. Rainfall is expected to be between a Tenth and a possible quarter inches in some areas cannot be ruled out just yet! Highs will be in the upper 50s with lows that night in the middle to upper 30s. Winds I expect to be between 10 and 20 mph.

And last but not least in your weekend update I wanted to show you all, this below.

LOOK AT THE MOOOOON: "Last night while traveling through the Black Forest, we saw some cows on a hill with the crescent Moon behind," says German photographer Achim Schaller. "I laid down on the meadow with my Nikon D700 and photographed the close encounter."Another close encounter is just around the corner. The Moon is moving away from the cows of the Black Forest and toward the king of planets. Look for Jupiter and the Mooooon side by side on Monday evening, Oct. 26th:
I show you this for two reasons! One, It's a beautiful picture! And Two, You will be able to check out the moon and Jupiter side by side on Monday night, looking south. (Monday Evening, October, 26th) The question is, "Will the skies clear out so we can view this?" Well, currently it is looking like some light scattered showers that afternoon to evening. So will the clouds move out before it's to late? We will keep hope that is for sure! So we will continue to watch Monday nights forecast to see if we will be able to view Jupiter and the Moon side by side... Just in case we can, Here is a Sky map link below. Be sure to check it out. Thanks you for reading Bloggers. Have a wonderful weekend and I will catch ya Monday! HAPPY WEEKEND..........


Anonymous said...

Awesome post Justin, cute pics as well! I still say you trained your bird to pick on your sister:)

Is a chilly day, was pretty this morn now cloudy.

And yes about the leaves, we have a mess of them. Oh well part of fall!

Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

The Aunt here!! Yes Archie brought in a lot of leaves that day. But today I mowed the lawn one last time , and the one that got the most fun out of that was my rescue chihuahua Little Man!! He was so curious of what was going on that he followed me the whole time. And I have a BIG yard! Then he would try to dodge the leaves as they fell. I wish I could of gotten a pic of him doing this, but I was busy pushing the lawnmower..LOL