Friday, May 14, 2010

Severe T-Storm Warning Canceled!

Because of this cell weakening as it moved across Montgomery, county the National weather service has canceled the severe thunderstorm warning. You can see the warning in this radar image taken at 12:05pm below.
This cell is now a little over half way through Montgomery county about to cross over into Boon, county and south Clinton, county. we are looking at rainfall falling at a rate of a quarter inch an hour. Still some breezy winds at times but no more hail is being picked up on radar! This cell is no longer looking like a threat to the WLFI viewing area!

Otherwise things are still looking good for our area! Few more rain / Thundershowers moving through Tippecanoe, and Carroll, counties but nothing severe! Still it looks like our weather models were right with a slight chance for storms starting after 8:00pm and a stray strong storm not ruled out!

Can't get much more close then that!

I'll check back again if needed.

Severe thunderstorm warning currently in effect for Montgomery county, along with parts of Clinton, county. This cell is moving north east and is currently packing heavy rainfall falling at a rate of a half inch to one inch an hour! Also some Pea sized hail is also possible along with gusty winds near 60 mph at times!

Severe Thunderstorm warning in effect until 12:30am EDT.

Stay Tuned!