Thursday, May 13, 2010

Looking Better!

Hey bloggers the newest data just came in a little bit ago from the Bufkit weather models and things are indeed looking better for the WLFI viewing area!

We are still in the slight risk for severe weather however the Total Totals Index is now showing Scattered to some moderate thunderstorms instead of Moderate to Severe thunderstorms! (Good news). Also the SWEAT models that had been showing numbers over 300 all day which indicates severe weather potential is now under 300 at only 291!! This is also good news!

And our Lifted Index that was slightly unstable at -2.5 is now becoming more stable at +0.3. More good news!

So we are looking at around a 60% to 80% chance at some thunderstorms starting sometime after 8:pm or 9:pm tonight. I know this is moving the timing back a little but this has been a tricky system... One we really had to stay on top of that's for sure! So we can expect some scattered thunderstorms with a small chance for a stray strong storm or two somewhere in the WLFI viewing area. Still this is much better news then we had earlier this morning! ;)

So stay tuned bloggers and I'll check back again if needed.....

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