Thursday, May 13, 2010

Storm Threats.....

Good morning bloggers. Are you ready to track some wild weather? Well, lets do it anyway! :)

I have just gone through the latest data and things are not looking as bad as models made them look yesterday this at this time. Which is good news. However we are not out of the woods as we do still have some severe weather on the way! Still looking for it to start sometime around this evening. Models indicate that we are looking for a line of storms to move through the area giving way to some scattered thunderstorms with isolated severe! Now as for tornadoes they are still a threat however it's not a huge threat! Take a look at this current tornado outlook map I have put together below.
You can see we are in that 5% range however I'm still expecting that if we do see any tornadoes it would most likely be in that northeastern side of the yellow box. And possibly to our south. Still we will have to watch things very closely as always! Main storm threats include Lightning, as with any storm! Small hail is possible but with the higher CAPE values being to our south and east this is where the better chance at hail will set up. Some gusty winds in storms are also possible.
Here is you storm threat chance map above.

Heavy rainfall will also be something to watch as we do have some Flood watches in areas such as Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties. Rainfall when all is said and done could easily be over and inch.

I will check back as needed through out the storms! Stay tuned and stay safe!

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Brow said...

Thanks for the update! Yeah looks like this one is going to be all about timing again.

I will keep checking back for sure.