Thursday, May 13, 2010

Placement Of The Watch Means Everything!

Ok as we continue through out today we are becoming more and more unstable! As expected..... So currently we are looking at things such as Lifted Index being around -2.5 which is unstable enough to support some thunderstorms with Isolated severe. Also things like SWEAT, which is standing at 392 which anything at 300 or higher indicates severe thunderstorm potential. Our temperatures are on the rise as they had been standing at 81 degrees at 1:43pm and now stand at 83.2 degrees and rising!

We do have a Tornado watch put into effect by the national weather service for two of our counties. Those counties being Cass, and Clinton from now until 9:00pm EDT tonight. Now this watch is something we can take note of! The placement of it I mean! Remember in my last post I told you all that if we did see any tornadoes I would expect to see them on the northeast side of that yellow box I posted?!?! Well, that is just what the National weather service is expecting as well.

With the way the models are showing things meaning the CAPE, Helicity, and EHI, model values, it is looking like the biggest severe weather threat will be to our northeast and also some to our south! Take a look at my Zone Cast below.
Now this does not mean we won't see anything severe. ((I'm not ruling anything out)) However this looks to be the bulls eye as of now. And as we have seen from the National weather service they seem to agree with my thinking because of the placement of the tornado watch. (All inside the Zone cast)

Anyway it won't be long before we start to see things POP UP on the radars. So keep checking back for more updates! I will check back again as needed.

Main Storm Threats.....

Lightning As With Any Storm!

Gusty Winds To 30 - 35 MPH Some Could Be HIgh In Storms.

Small Pea Sized Hail. Larger Hail The More Northeast And Then South You Go.

Stay tuned!


Annie said...

Thank you once again, Justin! Also, I have to pass along a conversation I had with my husband in the car this afternoon:
Martin (husband): I hope you get your errands done before it rains
Annie: It's not going to rain till evening.
Martin: Pat said 2:00.
Annie: Well, Justin said evening.
Martin: Oh. Well, I'd go with Justin.

LOL! Just a little snippet of how much we rely on your blog and trust your forecasting!

Justin said...

LOL... Thank You Annie! Means a lot coming from my fellow bloggers. :)