Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thunder By 2:45pm EDT.

Radar image taken at 2:05pm EDT...
This system has slowed a bit as it moved into the WLFI viewing area. Lafayette as you can see above is now expecting to see the thundershowers start in closer to 2:45pm EDT and Logansport should see the rain closer to 4:00pm give or take a little. The severe thunderstorm warning has been lifted in IL, and a new one has yet to be issued. This system has weakened as it's moved closer to home which is always good news! We still have some light to moderate rainfall to expect. Also some lightning which is a threat with any thunderstorm. And maybe a few breezy winds as well as you can see some minor bowing in the image above.

I'll check back again soon.


Annie said...

Thanks for the updates, Justin! I missed ALL your updates yesterday--I took the girls and ran over to the neighbor's storm cellar to wait out all those tornado warnings!

Is it just me, or does it seem like the worst is going to go south of Lafayette?

JIWB said...

You did the right thing yesterday Annie! That's one time I'm glad you missed my updates! ;)

It is looking like the worst is going to stay south of Lafayette, with this system. You can see the National weather service did put out another severe thunderstorm warning just to the northeast of Effingham, IL, or just southwest of Terre Haute, IN. And this looks to be moving ENE. Still I believe it will stay south of Lafayette, This is the current cell to be watching!

Stay safe and God bless.