Thursday, August 12, 2010

Longest Hot Spell In More Then 22 Years!

That's right bloggers this is one of the longest hot spells in more then 22 years! So how much longer do we have to put up with it? Keep reading to find out.
Well, bloggers we are still talking about the same weather pattern. "The heat wave". Let me start things off once again with an "Excessive heat warning" that is in effect for the following viewing area counties below.

Carroll, Warren, Tippecanoe, Clinton, Fountain, And Montgomery, counties. This warning is in effect until 8:00pm EDT Friday.
This is really something to take note of as this is dangerous weather! I know it looks like a beautiful day when looking out the window, however if you step out and start working too much, For too long in this heat things could turn ugly in no time! This heat wave is going to continue as another warm front pushes through the area starting tomorrow / Friday. Check out this image I put together for you below.
Friday Prog Chart.....
I recorded a high yesterday of 91* degrees. Also a heat index between 100* and 105* degrees! Amazing. And this is the same story we have been seeing today. And it will continue through the weekend. But I do have some good news! Yes, this crazy heat wave is almost over. Take a look at the latest MOS model runs below.
Yes, come this Monday we will start to see things get back to normal. Temperatures dropping back into the 80s. This will feel like the "AC" has been kicked on high outdoors lol. So hang in there! Just continue to do your best to beat the heat! Check up on your neighbors and also don't forget the pets!
I'll have your weekend forecast posted later on tomorrow! See you then.

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