Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Running 11 To 12 Degrees Above Average!! "Crazy"

Yes, Hot and muggy is the topic for the rest of this week! We have had yet another day in the 90s and it's going to continue into Monday. We still have heat advisories in effect for much of the WLFI viewing area.

This Heat Advisory is in effect for Carroll, Warren, Tippecanoe, Clinton, Fountain, And Montgomery counties Until 8:00pm EDT Thursday...

We have had a number of continued 90* degree days this week! More then average! Take a look at some averages for the month of August below.
Amazing that our average high for this time of year is only around 82* degrees. This means we have been running a good 11 to 12 degrees above average over the past week! We have not only been pushing record highs but breaking them. The record high yesterday "8/10/10" was 95* degrees set back in 1983! some areas of Tippecanoe county top out yesterday with a high of 96* degrees! A new record. This has been a crazy hot summer!
And the heat continues as you can see in this temperature map above. This is what things are expected to look like this time tomorrow. You can see the heat is going to stick around over much of the states. We are talking abut more 90s through out this week. We could hit a high tomorrow "Thursday" of 93* degrees. Dew points in the low 70s which will make heat index around 100* to 104* degrees! This can become dangerous if your out and about to long in this sunlight working!!

Quick Cast..........

Thursday, Looking for Partly cloudy skies over the area however an isolated scattered shower / thundershower cannot be ruled out just yet. 20% to 30% chc. Nothing major / big to worry about is the good news. At this time I'm thinking most of us will remain mostly dry. We can look for more hot temperatures in the area as I look for a high around 93* degrees and lows only falling to 70* degrees. This is a good seven degrees above our average low for this time of year! Heat index will be in the 100* to 104* range. winds will be light between 3 and 5 mph.

Friday, will be much of the same only without the chance of an isolated shower. Yes, we will keep things dry and hot with lots of partly to mostly sunny skies. Highs will again be around 93* degrees with lows around 70*. Dew points will be in the low to middle 70s which means again heat index will be in the 100* to 104* degree range. Winds will be light between 3 and 5 mph.

Now before I let you all go I just wanna take the time and post this image showing your Hot Weather Safety. I'm sure many if not all of you already know this.

Keep cool bloggers. And most important keep you, Your Family, Friends, And your Pets, Safe!


Brow said...

Whoa! Who is this guy? Pleased to meet you and your weather blog! :)

JIWB said...

Yeah, Yeah I get it, It's been a while lol :P Just had a busy summer! Things are calming down if only for a little while. Not sure if the Autumn will be busy yet or not.

But until then I'm blogging away :)