Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Freeze Dates For Both 32° And 28° Degrees Are In! And Rain Is Back In The Forecast.

Well, we have talked about the 2010 - 2011 winter forecast so now we must talk about the frost dates for both 32* degrees and 28* degrees! Whats the time range? Well, lets get started and find out.

Let me start with this map below. This is the freeze time range for 32* degrees here in the Midwest.
The light green colors in the southern parts of Indiana and also south of there is expected to see the first 32* degrees between October 21st and October 31st. The next shade of green covering most of the state of Indiana and also the Lafayette area is expected to see the first 32* degrees between October 11th and October 20th. And if your in the dark green colors then you was expected to see your first 32* degrees between October 1st and 10th.

Now what about for the first 28* degrees? Take a look at this map below.
This chart is showing the first 28* degree freeze time range. The brown colors in southern Indiana and south is expected to see the first 28* degrees between November 1st and 10th. The areas in the light green that is covering much of Indiana and even Lafayette is expected to see the first 28* degrees between October 21st and 31st.

However the longest Lafayette has ever gone before seeing our first 32* degrees was back in 1946 and it wasn't until November 13th that we finally seen 32* degrees. Back in 1931 we went until November 25th before we seen our first 28* degrees here in Lafayette. Just amazing! But I don't think we will have to wait that long this year!

Now what about rain? We have been abnormally dry for some time now here in the WLFI viewing area. Over 50% of Indiana is seeing this drought! Two fires have been reported in Tippecanoe county alone do to this drought in the past month! Crazy!! Well, here's a look into the forecast below.
This is Sunday morning's Prog Chart. You see we will have a cold front push through the area today which will allow some rain to break out over the area by Monday. Also cooling us off into the 50s as our high! Now Today I don't look for rain but Partly cloudy skies with thicker clouds moving into the area this evening. Highs will be in the upper 60s near 70* degrees. however the day will start to cool as this front passes. Lows will be in the middle to upper 40s around 47* degrees.

Monday we will see mostly cloudy skies with around a 40% to 45% chance of rain. This rain will start out to the north of Lafayette, but will soon drop into our area as the day persists. Though I'm not looking for much over a quarter inch of rain this time around. Still we will take whatever we can get! Highs Monday will be in the middle to upper 50s around 58* degrees. Lows falling into the low 40s near 43* degrees.

As for the rest of the week temperatures - wise, we will remain around average with highs in the low to middle 60s and lows in the low to middle 40s. Average high for this time of year is right around 66* degrees with average lows around 43* degrees.

So there you have it bloggers!
Have a Blessed day, I'll check back soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin. So hope we can get a good rainfall soon. So dry out there. JLB

JIWB said...

I know what you mean JLB. I have rain forecasted for (Monday 10/18/10).

It wont be much at all but we will take every drop of rain we can get! I will say that I'm looking for more rain chances to start developing toward the end of the month! Keep hope!!

God Bless!