Friday, October 22, 2010

You Can Get Out Today And Have Some October Family Fun!

Hey bloggers! We got a frost advisory in effect until 9:00am EDT this morning. We got Rain in the forecast for this weekend. And we got some good old October family fun! We have a lot to talk about :) First off lets start with the frost advisory!As you can see above we have a Frost advisory in effect for the whole WLFI viewing area until 9:00am EDT this morning. Highs today will reach into the middle 60s around 66* degrees so I wouldn't put your plans back outside until this afternoon when temps reach max highs. Yes, it's that time of year again when we have to keep covering and uncovering the plants. but I love this cool weather so you won't hear me complain! ;)

We will see temperatures reach back into the low 70s this weekend into Monday maybe Tuesday but they will fall once again as we head into the week of Halloween! Yes, I'm looking for a polar jet to bring in the cooler air and even more rain chances! But will it be cold and rainy on Halloween? I'll get to that soon enough. For now lets just focus on the weekend weather!

Today we look to be Partly cloudy and dry. Highs will be in the middle 60s around 66* degrees with lows falling tonight into the middle 30s. Winds will be calmer then they have been the past few days between 10 and 15 mph.

Saturday we will see totally different weather. we will see mostly cloudy skies through out the day with around a 30% chance of rain sometime after 2:00pm EDT. Rain showers will be scattered hit and miss light showers. I don't look for much from this system. Rainfall less then a quarter inch. Highs will be in the low 70s around 71* degrees with lows in the upper 40s around 48* degrees. Winds will be breezy between 15 and 20 mph with gusts between 28 - 30 mph possible.

Extended Outlook. More slight rain chances Sunday into Monday. Temps will be in the low 70s through Monday before they cool off do to the polar jet. The week of Halloween is looking cool and wet at this time! I'll have your Halloween forecast coming soon.
So yes we do have rain forecasted for the start of the weekend off and on through Monday but don't let that keep you down! Friday, Saturday, And Sunday, a little place called Exploration Acres is open! What's that? Well, its one of the largest corn mazes in northern Indiana!! They are closed during rain however today is looking like a great day to get out and enjoy!! He are the times and all the fun details below! Check it out. Have fun bloggers! I'll check back again soon.
Here's an air view of this years maze below!
Pumpkin Patch
Every good Jack-O-Lantern begins as a great pumpkin. Come find yours at the Exploration Acres pumpkin patch! Sprawling over 5 acres the patch provides a variety of pumpkins to choose from. Don’t worry about carrying them, we will have wagons available to transport your perfect pumpkin. They range in weight from 5-30 pounds and are only $.30/ pound. Also included in your visit is a hayride out to the patch, a trip anyone will enjoy! If you still want a pumpkin but scouring the patch for your perfect squash isn’t your style, there will also be pumpkins available for purchase in the country store.

Hay Rides
What is a trip to the country without a hayride? Tour the grounds of Exploration Acres aboard a spacious hay wagon pulled by a shiny new tractor. It is a relaxing way to survey the lay of the land and plan your visit, as well as a means to reach the corn maze. Shuttles leave regularly to take brave and energetic visitors to maze entrances.

General Store
Be sure to peruse the general store. It is the cozy little shack nestled next to the farmhouse with a big cow leaning against the wall. The store offers a nice outside area to visit with family and friends and is filled with hand-painted country signs and other interesting craft items. In keeping with its name, the general store offers a variety of items to utilize during your visit. It is the perfect spot to find drinks and snacks, pumpkins to decorate, fresh farm-grown mums, and purchase flashlights to use when the sun sets.

Picnic Area
Pack a picnic and plan to spend the day. There are many areas to spread a blanket on the ground; or if you prefer, you can enjoy your home-packed feast on one of the many picnic tables scattered throughout the woods.

Fire Pits
Don’t forget to pack your chocolate, marshmallows and grahams for the trip. Making a s’more over an open fire in the woods is a real memory maker. It is a great opportunity to share stories with family and friends as you relax around the fire and cook your favorite treats.

To ensure that you enjoy your visit to Exploration Acres,
consider the following as you plan your trip:

  • Wear comfortable shoes – with over 8 miles of paths you will want to be as comfortable as possible.

  • Bring a stroller for children – smaller (umbrella type) strollers can be maneuvered through the maze.
    Wagons are available free of charge.

  • Bring your lunch – while concessions are available, you are welcome to bring your own food/snacks
    and enjoy the atmosphere.

  • Bug spray – just in case the mosquitos are out.

  • Flashlight – for those daring enough to try the maze at night, don’t forget your flashlight!
Adult (13+) - $9.00
Senior (65+) - $7.00
Children (6- 12) $6.00
You can find more info on other rates and other fun things to do at this site below. See you there! ;)!/pages/Lafayette-IN/Exploration-Acres/88522214693

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