Saturday, November 13, 2010

Longest Stretch Of 70* Degree Weather Since 1953!

The 70* degrees streak is finally OVER!!!! YAY!!!! Maybe now we can slowly start to see average temperatures for this time of year. That was a long Indian Summer for sure! How did this Indian Summer rate as to past Indian summers? Take a look at this below.

Indian Summer

At noon today (Saturday) we squeaked out one more consecutive day with high temperatures of 70 degrees or higher when the temperature hit the 70-degree mark on the dot. The reading was very short lived.....falling back down to 68 within 15 minutes time. Gusty southerly winds and enough sunshine occurred before widespread cloud cover moved in. The last glimpses of blue sky were disappearing as the 70-degree reading occurred. Rain showers held off just long enough to prevent evaporative cooling. Temperatures in western Indiana at noon were in the mid-50s.

Today marks the 6th and final consecutive day with a high temperature of 70 degrees or higher. This ties the old record for longest stretch of 70-degree weather after November 7th. This event last occurred during the period of November 14–19, 1953.


Just amazing!! We tied the old record for longest stretch of 70* Degree weather after November 7th set back in 1953! WOW! Indian summer is over and that's not the only good news I have to report! We seen rainfall through out the WLFI viewing area!! Oh yeah! :) This is a good post lol.

Lafayette, Recorded 0.20" inches!

Remington, Recorded 0.07" inches. no not big amounts but we will take every drop we can get! I wish you all a GREAT weekend bloggers.

I'll check back later with the start of your winter Weather Preparedness Week info.

See you then! ;)