Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Timing Was Perfect, The Amounts, Not So Much.

Good morning bloggers. Well, the timing of the rain was perfect! However the rainfall amounts didn't play out as expected in the WLFI viewing area. I was calling for rainfall in the WLFI viewing area between .75" inches and a possible inch and a half in some spots. However most of us in the WLFI viewing area stayed closer to that half inch mark while the bigger number I was calling for stayed to our south this time around. Take a look at the rain reports below.
You can see that this is under what I had called for in our area. The higher amounts stayed to our south near the Indianapolis area. Down in Marion, county they picked up rainfall anywhere between 0.73" Inches and 0.87" Inches. With some counties around that area picking up over an inch of rainfall.

Well, bloggers we are currently sitting with a temperature outside in the Lafayette, area of 36* degrees. This temperature will continue to drop slowly as the day continues do to the passing cold front. I still believe that any precipitation on the back side of this cold front could give way to a few hit and miss scattered snow flurries in the area. We have between a 15% and 20% chance of scattered snow flurries in the area tonight. Little or no accumulation is expected. Nothing more then what was seen over Thanksgiving. Less then a dusting if that's possible lol.

Lows tonight will drop to 24* degrees...

I'll check back again soon.

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Anonymous said...

BRRR, little chilly tonight. Thank you God for flannel sheets and heating blankets,and for Justin who does a great job with his weather blog for us. Hope we get a "little" snow to satisfy that little kid in you Justin! Take care,stay warm,and smile real big when you see that snow. JLB :-)