Sunday, December 12, 2010

Big Changes In The Forecast...

Well, I said that it would either look good or I would look like a fool! Well, your looking at the total weather fool! Take a look at that radar image above taken at 2:05pm EST. We have pulled in much more dry air then I expected which has caused this snow to break up as it moved into the WLFI viewing area. It doesn't start to really come back together until it is passed the WLFI viewing area and into Indianapolis. Which means snowfall amounts are going to be much lower then the 3" to 5" range.

Just look at all this dry air in this Satellite vapor map below.This image was taken at 2:14pm EST. This dry air is what has forced me to lower amounts. Right now I'm looking at most of the WLFI viewing area if now all of the viewing area to be in the 1" to maybe 3" Inch range.
One part of the forecast that I didn't mess up is still the winds and wind chills. Starting later this evening into tonight through Monday we will see winds pick up to 35 + mph possible. With lows tonight of 9* degrees we will see wind chills around -20* degrees below. Between Monday and Monday night we will look for wind Chills anywhere between -15 to -20 below.
I will try to get my act together! Stay warm everyone. I will check back if needed.

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Anonymous said...

Justin, it is like a white out out there!! All be safe!!!!!!! You were not wrong at all!

Teri in Laf