Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finally It's Snowing!! ((Please Be Safe!))

Snow and wind really starting to pick up! Really starting to look like whiteout conditions in Lafayette. Please be safe tonight everyone! When you walk out the wind feels like it takes your breath away!

"Updated As Of 6:00pm EST"


The snow is finally starting to kick in here in Lafayette! Coming down pretty good with looking like some white out conditions at times. Winds are starting to pick up as well. Lots of blowing and drifting snow will be a issue tonight into Monday. Still 1" to 3" Inches is most likely. The heaviest of snow has stayed to our south in the Indianapolis, and southeast areas. Wind chills are in the low teens at this time. They will continue to fall as the night goes and the winds increase!Just look at that radar image above. You can see the snow from the north starting to push into the Lafayette, area. (Image taken at 5:25pm EST).

Please take you time if you have to go out! We can expect to see lots of Ice on the roads along with many many slick spots as most roads will become snow covered tonight into tomorrow! With winds blowing to 35 + Mph I wouldn't be surprised to see reports of some white out like conditions. believe it or not I have already had some reports of this in the Lafayette, area! Visibility will only get worse as we head into the over night hours! With the snow and wind, along with the loss of daylight! Things will become dangerous! Please if you don't have to go out then stay home! That's probably the best thing you can do.
Stay warm, Stay Safe! And I'll check back if needed.

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