Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Snow? Or A Blow? Watching The Storm Tracks closely!

Well, Bloggers everyone is talking about the big snowstorm that will effect the Midwest area come this weekend! One thing that I can tell you for a FACT is that somewhere will see LOTS and LOTS of snow!!! Big Numbers! Could be talking feet of snow! But what about here in Indiana? That is a GREAT question! And I'm going to break this whole thing down for you right after we take a look at the quick cast for Thursday and Friday below. Take a look.

Quick Cast..........

Thursday we will see mostly cloudy skies through out much of the day. Around a 30% chance for some scattered snow flurries / snow showers will be possible later on this evening into tonight. I think most of us will stay under a half inch of snow accumulation. Highs today will be in the upper 20s, So slightly warmer around 29* degrees. Lows will be in the middle 20s around 26* degrees with winds light between 10 and 15 mph.

Friday we will start out with a few clouds possible otherwise becoming partly cloudy through out the day. Highs will be in the middle to upper 30s around 38* degrees with lows around 27* degrees. Winds between 15 and 20 mph with some possible gusts near 25 mph at times not ruled out! This will be one of the slightly more mild days this week before our temperatures FALL come the late weekend!

Yes, we will see Friday and Saturday highs slightly warmer in the upper 30s! However this isn't going to last long! Take a look at what the MOS models are calling for temperature - wise below.
You can see Sunday we are looking for highs back in the 20s with a low of 9* degrees possible! And Monday one of the coldest with highs expected in the teens and lows again in the single digits!! WOW.

So what about the snow this weekend?

Well, we all know that this storm has the potential to dump some big numbers here in Indiana however "will it" is the question that no one really has the answer to right now! And I'll explain why.

We have two different storm tracks that this low pressure could take. And which one will decide if we see HEAVY SNOW or lots of mixed precipitation and lower snowfall amounts. Take a look at the tracks below.
No matter what, one thing is a fact! Whoever is north of this low pressure will see significant amounts of snowfall from this one!

Now storm track number one is from the European model. And it is tracking this low pressure system almost right over head which would call for much lower snowfall amounts and much more mixed precipitation.

However storm track number two is from the GFS model, If the low pressure takes this track then we will be on the north side of the low pressure system and could be looking at snowfall anywhere between 4" and 6" inches to a possible 5" to 7" Inches as a starting point!! This is why you are not seeing any forecast giving the possible amounts just yet. I will tell you that at this time whether they want to say it or not, No one really has an idea which track this storm is going to take! However we will have a MUCH better idea once we get a little closer. One thing that is for sure is with this low pressure, We will see GUSTY wind along with it! So if we happen to be on the snowy side then things could look like blizzard conditions at times! But again it's still up in the air right now!

Until then all I can do is continue to watch this system develop over time and then keep you updated with the latest information as it comes in! And you can bet I will do my best to stay on top of this one. I'm sorry that I can't tell you more right now however when I can it will be posted right here on JIWB!

So it's either a Big snow!! Or a Big Blow!! I'll keep watch! ;)


Anonymous said...

BRRR Justin! I bet you wish we would get the "feet of snow"! Well one thing I will say, It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Good time to stay in and relax and have that cup of hot cocoa. Thanks as always and you take care and be warm. Lord bless... JLB

JIWB said...

Thanks JLB. And yes, I always wish for the BIG SNOWS lol.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And could we have a white Christmas this year for the first time in Four years??

I will be talking about that on the blog very soon!

You take care as well. God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin. Any possible chance of a update? Im really wishing for at least 5+ inches but from the look of it it seems like it will be less then 2 inches if that..

God Bless