Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Bus Driver Hit A Snowman?? And A Clipper System About To Move Into The Area!

Well, bloggers we are about to talk about more snow in our forecast!! Yes, another clipper system will try and push through our area by tomorrow night into Thursday! How much will it bring? I will let you know! First a look at the Quick Cast.

Quick Cast.....

we will start out with some partly cloudy skies in the morning hours. Some clouds will slowly start to roll in come the early afternoon. We will look for snow showers to try and move into the area sometime after 8:pm - 10:pm EST. Expect highs in the lower 20s around 22* degrees and lows that night in the upper teens / low 20s around 20* degrees. Winds will be between 3 and 5 mph.

Thursday we will look for snow showers through out much of the day do to a clipper system that will push through the WLFI viewing area. We can look for highs around 29* degrees with lows dropping to 14* degrees that night! Winds will be between 3 and 5 mph.

Here's a look at the current Snow - Cast below.You can see I have extreme northern Indiana in the 1" to 2" Inch range followed by the 1" to 3" Inch range. Much of the WLFI viewing area including Lafayette, is looking for that 2" to 4" Inch range at this time! I'm trying not to jump the gun this time lol ;) Then once you go more south, South of Indianapolis where they will see slightly warmer temperatures I have lower amounts around 1" to 2" Inches possible. This is how the amounts look at this time however I will continue to keep a close watch on this and I will have another update tomorrow (Wednesday) evening as needed.

We will also be tracking another clipper system later on Next week. It to could give way to some light accumulation! However let's just take this one system at a time! ;)

Now I found something that has to do with winter weather, Well, Kinda! lol. I wanted to show you all. A bus driver in Champaign-Urbana, IL resigned after officials with the transit agency saw this video of his bus running over a snowman in the middle of a street. Another vehicle steered around the snowman just before the bus hit it.

Take a look at this video below.

So I want to hear your take on this! So what do you think about the driver going into the other lane to hit the snowman? What was his thinking??

Have a great day bloggers! I'll check back again tomorrow (Wednesday) evening with the very latest on the clipper system..

Take Care... And God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Yuck, I do not like this weather ;) Poor snowman and bus diver too!

Anonymous said...

J'ai appris des choses interessantes grace a vous, et vous m'avez aide a resoudre un probleme, merci.

- Daniel