Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Pictures, Snow Video, Snowfall Amounts, So Much To Talk About!

Yes, lots of snow to track through this morning! Not as much as first thought however our second call was right on the money! Most areas in the WLFI viewing area picked up around around 2" and 2.5" Inches. I do have at least two reports of 3" to 3.5" Inches in areas up around Monticello. You can take a look at all the local snowfall reports below.
You can see Monticello, coming in with the highest this morning with 3.5" Inches. Just under them is Frankfort, with the second highest snowfall of 3" Inches. And then at the bottom is West - Lafayette, with 1.3" Inches of snowfall. We just had more dry air then first expected with this storm and most of the snow we was expected to see around the 4" Inches fell to our south in the Indianapolis area. Indianapolis, coming in with 4.0" Inches this morning. So where did all the REALLY HIGH snowfall amounts take place?? Take a look at these reports I have below! I really wish this was us! lol :)

Lake Effect Snow!

Westville, La Porter CO, 16.0" Inches.

La Porter, La Porter CO, 11.5" Inches.

Kingsbury, La Porter CO, 7.5" Inches.

North Judson, Starke CO, 10.5" Inches.

Valparaiso, Porter CO, 7.0" Inches.

Just Amazing!! If only we could see more lake effect snowfall in our area!

Well, we may have only recorded a snowfall in Lafayette of 2.1" Inches however Last night I recorded snow drifts of 17" Inches!! Most drifts today are around that 13.5" Inch range just under 14" Inches. Take a look at this one.
Is funny how much snow can drift, Even if it's only 2" Inches. This is the image all over the Lafayette, area. Just drift after drift! Some areas have nothing and other have near 17" Inches.
You can pick out some areas of grassy tops in this image below. This is what I mean by some spots have 17" Inches while others are almost nothing! But that's what you can expect with winds gusting to 37Mph!!Peak Wind Gust Reports...
Lafayette, 37 Mph.
Remington, 33 Mph.
Kokomo, 33 Mph.
Up around South Bend 38 Mph.
It was no joke last night! You couldn't look up into the night sky without seeing just a blanket of snow flying through the air. The wind was so strong it took your breath away. I posted this blowing snow video from Lafayette, last night. Here it is again for yet another look.
Well, today we won't see highs get out of the teens so please be sure to really bundle up if your heading out! Also remember to always take your time. We don't need anyone slipping on the icy areas! Road crews are tyring to keep the roads clear by putting down salt. So please take your time on the roads as well!
I will be back later to talk about our next system that will move into the area this week! Details to come.
Take care, God Bless.

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