Monday, December 6, 2010

The COLD Continues!

How is everyone holding up in this cold cold weather? You know I'm loving it lol :) We still have snow on the ground across the WLFI viewing area and I don't see it melting anytime soon. Lafayette, still has 3.3" Inches on the ground and with temperatures only hitting 15.8* degrees as our high today the snow will stick around! :) We had clear skies through out this afternoon which made it really easy to see the snow using satellite images! Take a look below.
I took this image at 10:48am EST this morning. You can even spot the rivers in the image. (The dark lines in all the white / gray areas). I have always found this to be pretty cool. Seeing snow using only satellite images! But only on clear days does this work as you already know. Remington, with still around 2.5" inches of snow on the ground and west Lafayette still with around 4" Inches on the ground.

If you thought today was cold then get ready for another COLD COLD day. Yes, tomorrow is looking bitter cold with even colder wind chills! Take a look at tomorrow / "Tuesday's" forecast.
That's right highs only around 19* degrees with winds between 10 and 15 mph. This will make for a daytime wind chill of 7* degrees as seen above! So with daytime wind chills this low, How cold with the night be? Well, I'm calling for lows of 4* degrees! And with a 10 to 15 mph wind it will feel like -10* to -13* degrees possible!! WOW. The guy in the image above has the right idea for this forecast! Bundle UP! And get out the heating blankets and hot coco for sure!
This cold is going to continue for a while! Check out the highs for Wednesday below.
More cold weather! :) "I'm glowing" lol.
This cold will continue through Thursday. Then Friday and Saturday we will have a brief warm up into the middle 30s before the cold returns on Sunday into next week with highs back in the teens and 20s!
We will also be tracking more better chances at some accumulating snows come next week closer to the 12th possible! More on that soon to come..
Until then the above story seems to be the pattern this week into next. So stay warm bloggers and weather watchers! I will check back again soon.....


Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin, great post. However it is way to cold for the first part of December..this weather is just OUCH!


JIWB said...

Ehhhhh It's good weather! ;) lol