Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coldest Temperatures Of The Season About To Effect The Area!

WOW bloggers I have sooooooo much to show you all it's not even funny! First off I want to thank everyone who sent in pictures of the snow! Amazing! This is the most pictures I believe I have ever had sent in during a snow event. So lets get to it!

First off lets talk a little about the storm itself.
Above is a look at the radar last night before midnight. The Doppler Radar above only picks up snow if it's really heavy! And you can see that it had no problem picking up this heavy band of snow above. This was the band I pointed out in yesterdays post that we needed to watch. And one of the reasons for upping the forecasted amounts earlier this afternoon was because this band did in fact move across the WLFI viewing area. It drifted northeast and dumped over 4" inches on most of us! :)

Lafayette, has a final snowfall total of 4.1" inches of snow! And Monroe, here in Tippecanoe, county reported 3.5" Inches. So if this falls in my first snow range from yesterday of 1" to 3" with patchy 4" inches in areas then why did I up the forecasted amounts this afternoon? Well, because areas around Lafayette, seen even higher amounts Such as Montgomery county, Reports also coming in from Attica, with over 5" inches, And more. However I will have your very final snowfall reports posted on here tomorrow afternoon once they come in! Until then take a look at some of these pictures!Above is a look at my sisters Chihuahua Willie. And let me tell you if you can't already tell in this picture, HE HATES SNOW! So when he's unhappy do to the white stuff then that means I'm jumping for joy lol. I was talking to Mike Prangley, this morning who wishes he could be playing in the snow right along with us. He was asking about Willie, this afternoon and if he was liking this snow event. I told him "Not so much, But that could be because he's closer to the ground and just about every snow we get covers him lol". Mike, has called Willie, the Weather Blog Chihuahua in the past. And I believe that fits perfect! Considering he's been on both Mike Prangley's weather blog and my own a number of times!

Willie, gave me a dirty look all day long for taking him out in the snow lol. But isn't he cute? ;) Dobby, on the other hand is like me. "Crazy for the snow". Usually catching snowballs in his mouth or just rolling around until he's soaking wet.Also he's a little taller then Willie, so that could have something to do with it as well lol :) Who knows!?!? ;)

I have a feeling that Dobby, and Willie, will get use to this winter weather fast since it's just getting started! We have some COLD weather on the back side of this snow system that will start effecting the area as soon as tonight! With lows dropping into the teens around 18* degrees. This will go through out the week into the weekend before warming back up to the 30s as highs. Tomorrow we will look for highs around 24* degrees with lows around 10* degrees, And the coldest day of this week will be on Monday! Highs will only be 19* degrees with lows really COLD around 5* degrees!!! Get out the heated blankets and Hot Coco. It's about to cool down in a major way. So it looks to me like Willie, has the right idea with his little Harley sweater on!

Dobby, and Willie, wasn't the only ones out having fun in the snow! Here's a picture from the South Suburbs of Chicago, sent in by my friend Larissa. This is her baby Shiloh, enjoying the beautiful fluffy snow.They didn't see as much snowfall up that way as back here at home however it seems to be enough for shiloh. Here's another look at the Chicago, snow below. a big Thanks to Larissa, for sending these pictures in.Here's a few more pictures I took earlier this afternoon from the Lafayette, Indiana, area below. Final snowfall here at JIWB of 4.1" Inches.And nothing but white over West Lafayette as well. Take a look at the Renaissance Cam below. And now we will take a look at these pictures sent in by Mary Anne, who is sending from Remington, in Jasper, county. She has recorded 3.4" Inches of snowfall at this time. And it is looking like a winter wonderland in Remington, that's for sure!Now they know how to get the job done the right way! No since using a shovel and hurting yourself in this weather when you own one of these babies above! ;) However when you live in the Midwest I believe that everyone should own a snow blower! You may not use it everyday however when we get our snow's we usually get dumped on with at least 4" Inches.Even the ducks get into it! lol. (Aflack) ;)A big thanks to Mary Anne, as well for sending in these beautiful snowy pictures. You all have no idea how much this helps out the blog to get the reports from the local people! Pictures and reports mean everything when it comes to weather. So thanks again. You can continue to send in your weather pictures to me at .

Now we did reach a high this afternoon of 33* degrees here in Lafayette. So some of the snow on the bottom of the snow pack did melt a little causing the roads to become very wet this afternoon. With lows tonight dropping to 18* degrees we can expect some of this standing water to freeze overnight. So black ice will be a threat if your out tonight and even tomorrow morning. Please I cannot say it enough, "Allow extra time so you can take it slow and stay safe". It's 29* degrees now and ice has already started to form in areas.

Now as for winds tonight, I expect them to kick up between 20 and maybe 25 mph into tomorrow (Sunday) at times which will allow for some blowing and drifting snow. Just another reason to take it slow! Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm going to keep in the chance for some scattered light snow flurries in the WLFI viewing area however nothing really adding up to anything.
So we went from this image on the roads above. To Wet, And now to WET AND ICY! Which brings me to the next thing to talk about! Winter Driving Safety!! I know I bring this up every time we have a good snow however you can never be to ready! Just remember! ((Ice And Snow! Take It Slow!))When driving in winter weather, watch out! Mother Nature has some tricks up her sleeve in the winter. Here are some to be on the look out for:

  • First Snow or Ice: Drivers often aren’t prepared for winter driving and forget to take it slow. Remember to drive well below the posted speed limit and leave plenty of room between cars.

  • Black Ice: Roads that seem dry may actually be slippery – and dangerous. Take it slow when approaching intersections, off-ramps, bridges or shady areas – all are hot spots for black ice. Remember, Ice and Snow, Take it Slow.
  • Limited Visibility: Stay attentive and reduce speed. Know what’s going on around you.

  • Four-Wheel Drive: On snow and ice, go slowly, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Even if you have an SUV with four-wheel drive you may not be able to stop any faster, or maintain control any better, once you lose traction. Four-wheel drive may get you going faster, but it won’t help you stop sooner.

So stay safe bloggers! Take your time, And get ready for the coldest weather so far this winter season!! Here's a look at the final snowfall number from this system below.Before I get off of here I wanted to also post this weather video of the snow falling in the Lafayette, area. Take a look and enjoy! Final snowfall report map will be added to this post tomorrow afternoon! Be sure to check back...

I'll check back again soon.

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Great pics and a great post!! First snow was a doozie!!


Anonymous said...

Great photos and blog! Thanks so much Justin..wind is now starting to pick up in Lafayette..A good day to stay in and watch the COLTS!!

Teri in Lafayette