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Happy New Year!!! 2011!! And I Wish You All An Awesome One!

Happy New Year Bloggers! Yes, tonight is new years Eve and tonight we say goodbye to the year of 2010! A lot has happened this year. Some good and some bad. Now is the time of year that we continue to look forward and keep moving on! You gotta keep going! Keep looking forward to that next day, and always keep friends and family close to your hart!

We have a lot to talk about in this post bloggers! First lets go ahead and take a look at your forecast for later on tonight as we ring in the new year.

Tonight you can expect rain with a few thunder rumbles not out of the question. Between what rain we see tonight through Early Saturday morning I'm expecting between .25" and .50" inches grand total possible. Lows tonight will be around 35* degrees as the ball drops! Also expect winds between 15 and 20 mph with gusts to 25 near 28 mph possible at times!

now I'm not looking for rain all day on New Years Day. Some light rain early then becoming mostly cloudy in the morning hours followed by partly cloudy skies that afternoon / evening. It should make for a good start to the new year!

Now I have put together a little something to take a look back at some past storms we pulled together through in this year 2010. No this is not every storm! However just a quick look back. It's been a rough year but somehow we got by! And I thank God for that! God Bless you all. Have an awesome New Year! I'll be ringing it in at the bowling alley tonight with family! I See you all soon.


April 5th 2010.

Thunderstorms developed along a warm front across Central Indiana during the afternoon of April 5, 2010. These storms brought large hail and damaging winds to parts of the southern half of Central Indiana into the early evening.

Most of the severe weather that occurred was large hail. Below are some hail stones that fell near Paragon in Morgan county.

Hail from near Paragon - Click to Enlarge

June 12, 2010 Severe Storms

A line of severe storms marched across Central Indiana on June 12, bringing a tornado, damaging winds, and heavy rain.

Surface Map

Above is a surface map from 8:00 PM EDT June 12.

The tornado occurred in Morgan County, touching down at 8:26 PM and lifting at 8:33 PM EDT. The tornado was on the ground for 5.8 miles, had a width of 75 yards, and was rated an EF-0. Below are some images related to the tornado. Click any image for a larger version.

Tornado Track Path - Large Scale

Closer view of Morgan County Tornado Path

Tornado TrackCloser view of Tornado Track

Radar image at time of tornado touchdown

Storm Relative Motion Radar Image at time of tornado

Radar Image at time of TouchdownStorm Relative Velocity Image at Touchdown

After the storms passed, some witnessed a double rainbow. Below is a picture of the rainbow in Miami County



June 14, 2010 Severe Storms

A line of severe storms moved across Central Indiana on June 14, bringing damaging winds and heavy rain.

The line of storms produced winds near 75 mph in some locations. An ominous looking shelf cloud preceded the strong wind as well.

Radar image at 8:03 PM

Above is a radar image of the storms at about 8:00 PM EDT. Shelf Cloud

Above is a picture of the shelf cloud as it moved in.


Severe Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
October 26, 2010

A record-breaking low pressure system over Minnesota pushed a strong cold front through the lower Midwest on October 26, 2010. The associated cold front aided in the development in a line of strong thunderstorms known as a squall line that stretched from northern Wisconsin through Illinois into Missouri during the early morning hours of the 26th. This line of thunderstorms pushed through the Northern Indiana office's county warning area during the morning and early afternoon hours.

The squall line produced widespread wind damage across the Midwest with wind gusts of 50 to 60 mph with some locations recording gusts up to 75 mph! In addition to the strong winds, some of the storms produced tornadoes in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. The image below shows the storm reports as relayed to the Storm Prediction Center from the day.

NWS IWX has confirmed 13 tornadoes in their county warning area (CWA) in northern Indiana and northwestern Ohio.

Below is the radar loop of the entire event as the storms moved across the forecast area. In the image below the radar loop, numerous couplets were seen at multiple times along this line. Every couplet circled was possible of producing a tornado and many of these couplets did produce tornadoes at one time or another in several different counties. At this instance or shortly after, both the Kosciusko County EF0 and extreme northwest Huntington County EF1 touched down.

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