Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wishing You All A Blessed New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 EVERYONE! I want to start the first post of the new year by wishing you all a wonderful year full of Happiness, Love, Family, And Friends, Good Health, and Care! and lots of Blessings! :)

How did everyone spend New Years Eve? Did you all have a good time? My Aunt, Uncle, Sister, and I, spent the evening at the bowling alley to ring in the new year! We had an awesome time. Didn't do so much winning lol however we went for the fun! And fun is what we had! :) I did manage to bowl another turkey however! Thank goodness my sister took my camera and filmed it! Which means you all get to watch it. ;) Take a look.

Everyone has a different bowling style however my sisters takes the cake! lol. Just take a look and see for yourself.

She doesn't fool around! Just walks up there, Takes the ball, And lets it roll! lol. I pick on her about it all the time. But hey! It was fun. :)

Now what's in store weather - wise to start the new year? Well, take a look at this.
That's right, Last Friday we seen a high peak at 58* degrees. WOW! The record high was 62* degrees and that was set back in 1965. We were only four degrees short of the record! Well, we will go from almost record highs to 27* degrees tomorrow! WOW 27* degrees as a high and get this! 16* degrees as a low! I finished taking down my Christmas lights outside this afternoon and WOW it felt COLD after the upper 50s we have seen the past few days. Still I'm ready for more cold! Who would have guessed? :)

Now that the rain has passed we are tracking that cold front that has pushed across the area this afternoon. This is the reason for all the cold returning!
Lots of polar air behind this front! 20s and 30s to start the new week. Lows in the low 20s and teens. Here's a look at your quick cast below.

Tonight lows will be COLD around 15* degrees! Expect mostly to partly cloudy skies.

Sunday we will see partly cloudy skies through out the WLFI Viewing area. Dry but COLD! Highs will be around 27* degrees with lows that night around 16* degrees. Winds will be between 5 and 10 mph. Still even with these light winds we could see a daytime wind chill around 17* degrees possible. and a night time wind chill around 3* degrees possible! Keep out the heavy coats! It's gonna get cold!

So that's the latest for the New Year! COLD! And dry to start things. I'm going to go enjoy the day with maybe a workout, And also some Family time! A nice roast for dinner! And it's looking goooooooooood! ;)

Take care bloggers. Have a Blessed Day and New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice post Justin, looks like you had a blast on New Years Eve.

It is darn cold out there this morning temp is 15.8*..I want warm weather back LOL!