Friday, December 17, 2010

Looking Into The Next Alberta Clipper!

Lets jump right into it and take a look at the Quick Cast.

Weekend Quick Cast.....

Saturday we will see mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies through out the day. Highs will be cool around 23* degrees. Lows Saturday night around 11* degrees! With partly cloudy skies and no clouds to act as a blanket we will see cooler temperatures. Winds will be light between 3 and 5 mph.

Sunday we will start out with Partly cloudy skies. Clouds will be on the increase as the day continues. Becoming mostly cloudy / cloudy by that evening / night. Highs will be in the middle to upper 20s around 27* degrees. Lows Sunday night will be around 21* degrees. Winds will be light between 3 and 5 mph. I cannot rule out a few light scattered hit and miss snow flurries Sunday night into early Monday.

Now, The snow is back in the forecast! You may have heard this somewhere else already ;) Yes, I'm tracking another Alberta Clipper system to move in by the start of next week! Monday is looking like another snow tracking day!! YES!! :) But some things are currently still up in the air with this system. Take a look at one of the GFS models below.
This model is looking into Monday evening around 7:00pm EST. Now in this image you will see all the Blues, Greens, And Yellows. This is showing the Clipper System. So what are we watching? Well, you see that Pink line I added to this map? That is the freeze line. Also known as the 540 line. Usually any precipitation to fall to the north of this line falls as snow. And anything to fall south is usually in the form of rain. In the middle is usually a mix of both. So where this line will set up I'm still watching closely! Will we see snow from this? Yes, I believe so. And if we happen to stay all snow then we could be looking at 4+ Inches here in Lafayette! Still nothing is set in stone! I would like to get a few more model runs under my belt before I go posting a snowfall map. I will however say that I believe most of us have a good chance at the 1" to 3" / 2" to 4" inch range! But final snow - cast maps will be up soon!

Also Christmas is only 8 Days away!!! WOW it came on fast this year. It really needs to slow down. Christmas is and always has been my favorite time of year and I'm not ready for it to be over lol :) So back to what I was saying! I do have some models showing another possible system moving in over Christmas Eve and Christmas! Now it is way to soon to be giving any kind of amounts because some models are showing this system starting out as a mix with all snow showers by Christmas day! So many things could still change with this one. I just wanted to go ahead and give a heads up that we do still have yet another system out there! ;) However more details on if we will see a white Christmas will be posted soon.

Until then, With more snow back in the forecast and temperatures cold enough for icy roads! I found a video taken today that I thought you may find interesting! Take a look.

December 17, 2010 Brian Hardin, wanted to see if the street outside his home in Knoxville, TN was icy. I think he found out! ;) lol.

Have a great evening bloggers!

God Bless.....

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