Saturday, December 18, 2010

Watching Some Possible Freezing Rain Early Tuesday Morning. Also A Sneak Peak Into The Christmas Forecast!

I have been watching the models for the snow coming in Monday night into Tuesday. In my last post I said that this could still come in with some mixed precipitation, And after going through some more data it's still looking like a snow to mix of freezing rain event! I'm not going to rule out a possible 1" to 2" or 1" to 3" inch range for much of the WLFI viewing area before this system gives way to some freezing rain Tuesday morning. However I'm not going to set anything in stone just yet! We will get a few more model runs under our belt once again and check back. Here's a look at the system below in the latest GFS model. You can see where the freeze line is setting up!
Also I'm still tracking another system that could bring more snow over Christmas Eve into Christmas morning! Could we really be talking about a possible white Christmas?? It's looking like a 60% chance!! That's still better then half! ;) (KEEP PRAYING). This would be our first white Christmas in almost four years!
Above is just an early sneak peak into the Christmas forecast! Nothing is set in stone! A lot can change in a week's time. Still You heard it here first! However this is only if we stay all snow! Which models are showing a good chance for all snow at this time. However we do have a week to go! I will continue to keep watch on the Christmas System as well as the Monday night into Tuesday system. Stay tuned bloggers. I will be back here tomorrow night with all the details for Monday night into Tuesday!

Before I go! Lows tonight will be around 10* degrees with wind between 10 and 15 mph. So we can expect to see wind chills tonight around -7* degrees possible! Stay warm! ;)

God Bless! And Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

It isn't looking to good for Monday-Tuesday for snow. I would much rather have no snow (even tho I'm a SNOWLOVER) then ice with snow. Thanks for the update Justin!