Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Polar Express Is Coming To Town!

Would you look at that! It really is beginning to look at LOT like Christmas isn't it? lol :)I love Christmas lights in the snow. Now you all probably know this but I'm gonna point it out anyway! lol. This has been an AWESOME start to December!! Snow on December 1st, Lafayette, picking up a half inch! And Christmas Lights! I feel like wishing you all an early Merry Christmas!! :) lol. How do you guys put up with me when snow comes to town? :) It's all I can talk about! lol.

And to make this day even better I have even more snow to talk about!! YES! Snow by this weekend is possible! I'll get to that in just a minute. First I want to go ahead and point out that if your heading out tonight or in the morning for anything please be careful! Because anything that has melted this afternoon has now frozen again so we can expect to see Black ice! Just drive safe!

Now what about tomorrow's forecast?

Quick Cast.....

Thursday we will look for Mostly cloudy skies across the WLFI viewing area. I cannot rule out the chance for a few hit and miss scattered snow flurries through out the area. However nothing like what we seen today! Just a trace of flurries this time around. Highs will be in the middle 30s around 36* degrees with lows in the upper teens to low 20s around 21* degrees possible. Winds will be between 10 and 15 mph. That will make for a night time wind chill of 6* degrees!

And we have more cold and snow in the forecast by this weekend! If you though today was cold just wait until this weekend!
That's right the polar express is coming to town bringing the cold and snow right along with it! This map above is showing what we can expect starting as soon as Saturday! I believe that by Sunday through out all next week we will be seeing highs in the 20s and 30s while lows look to be in the teens and 20s!! You see the snow showers I have over Indiana? Well, what does this mean for us? Take a look below.
We did have 0.5" Inches of snow in Lafayette, today however that is not considered the first snow of the season. For that you need at least 1" inch. And looking at the latest model runs we could see that by Saturday! I'm going to start out with 1" to 3" inches for most of us in the WLFI viewing area because of a number of reasons. One being that this snow system is an Alberta Clipper system. Meaning that it's coming from our northwest. These system usually don't give us much more then what I'm calling for above. Also I like to use the QPF models when forecasting snow. The QPF models tells us the quantity of precipitation in the system. In this case the QPF is currently at 1. Which is usually 0.01" to 0.09" Inches of rain. In snow form this would be between a Trace and 2" Inches of snow. Also after factoring in a few other model runs I feel that 1" to 3" Inches is a good strong starting point! If we have to take a little or add a little as it gets closer then we can and will do so.

So we have SOOOOOO MUCH to look forward to weather - wise this weekend into next week! :) I'm glad I got me some snow boots this afternoon! Nature seems to think we will need them! ;)

Stay safe and warm bloggers! I'll check back again soon.

God Bless.....


Brow said...

All aboooooooooard!

Can't wait until Saturday! :) Supposed to have our Monticello Xmas parade that day and will give me a good opportunity to try out my new camera in the snow.

Snow always brings out the kid in me. :)

JIWB said...

Hahaha I'm with ya Brow!! CAN'T WAIT!!

Be sure to send us some pictures for the blog! ;)

And have a great time!


Anonymous said...

Oh you too! haha. Sound like 2 little kids planning your snow fun! Well I hope you have fun and enjoy the snow. I might be out some but will mostly be inside a warm house. Thanks Justin and you guys take care and be careful while having fun. (pssst...don't tell anybody but hubby and I like to take the truck out and put it in 4-wheel drive and play on the back roads when it gets deep):-) JLB