Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow Flurries Tonight. ((Snow Showers)) Tomorrow Night Into Saturday!!

It seems that everyone is talking about the first possible snow of the season all over TV. So the question everyone wants to know whether your a snow lover or not is, HOW MUCH??? And that's also the hardest question to answer most of the time. However I will do my best in just a minute. First, Where's this snow coming from?

Well, to find this Clipper system you have to go all the way to the west! Take a look below.
That's right, There you can see the focus point for snow this weekend! This system in the image above will become more well formed once it moves more to the east and closer to IL, and Indiana. But again the big question is "Timing" and "Amounts". So here's the latest at this time.

Yesterday I was calling for the 1" to 3" inch range for most of the WLFI viewing area because it seems like a good starting point for what the weather models have been showing. And that still seems to be the case tonight. It is going to come down to a number of things. One is the quantity of precipitation, "QPF", And also the speed the system is moving. If it moves through slower then the amounts could go up. Yesterday we had a QPF of "1" which is in the 1" to 2" inch range for snow. This is still the same tonight. So after going through all the weather data and the QPF I will stick with a 1" to 3" inch range for areas north of I74. And closer to an inch South of I74. Areas more north around south bend could see closer to 4" inches possible.
Now nothing is set in stone just yet! I still want to go through some more data tomorrow before giving my final snow - cast! Right now timing for this to start will be early early morning Saturday sometime after 4:00am EST.

I will be back here tomorrow for the Final snow - cast so be sure to check back for all the latest details on this clipper system!

Quick Cast.....

Tomorrow (Friday) we will see partly cloudy skies through out much of the day. Clouds will move into the WLFI viewing area by that evening / night along with snow showers after 4:00am EST. Highs will be in the 30s around 34* degrees with lows that night in the 20s around 25* degrees. Winds will be between 3 and 5 mph.

We will be tracking more snow flurries through out this evening into tonight. Be careful when you head out in the morning. Some back roads may have a light dusting!

Stay safe and warm bloggers. I'll check back tomorrow!

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