Saturday, December 4, 2010

Watching The Radars!

Even though the snow is becoming packing snow it is still a light snow! Latest core sample is only a little over 0.02" Inches with 4" inches of snow on the ground in Lafayette. This is again one of the reasons we have more snow then last nights forecast. I still think most of us will be around that 3" to 6" Inch range however the heavy heavy snow bands have been setting up just south of Tippecanoe, county so areas around Attica, and south and east could see a little more then the 3" to 6" inches. Attica, at 9:am already had 5" inches.
Above is a look at the snow bands. I know it doesn't look like much however take note that for any snow to show up on this radar it has to be pretty heavy! It is snowing in the northern counties however it's not heavy enough to be picked up on this Doppler radar. So you can tell south of Tippecanoe, county is seeing heavy snow in areas!

Reports that the main roads are wet and slushy in area, "Slick". And the back roads / side roads in Lafayette, are also slushy and slick in areas! Please take it slow and stay safe!

I'll check back. And remember tonight is the BIG SNOWY STORY!! ;)

Please send your snow pictures to me at ... Thanks ahead of time! ;)

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