Sunday, January 30, 2011

Biggest Snow Storm This Winter Season About To Move Into The Area!!

Let me go ahead and get right to it! Snow is on the way! And not a small system either. I'm talking about blizzard like conditions across the viewing area! We already have Blizzard watches in effect for Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties! With Winter storm watches for the rest of the viewing area. This system will start in the evening hours of Monday! Yes, Tomorrow! Here are the main storm threats!
Yes, we are looking for a mess across the area between Monday and Wednesday! Let me try and break this down for you.

We will start out tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies across the area. Snow showers will move into the area that evening. And snow will pretty much continue from then on into Wednesday. The thing is will we see all snow? Or will we see an icy mix as well? Some models show that we will be cold enough to stay all snow through this event which would be better! However I can't totally rule out the chance for some sleet or some light freezing rain possible at times. However I do believe that the main icing event will be to our south in the Indianapolis and around areas.

Here's what the snowfall across the area is looking like between Monday evening through Wednesday at this time.
(Above Map, Current Thinking On Storm Total Snowfall)

I still believe that even if we see some sleet or ice mixed in we will still be seeing around ten inches of snow! Right now models show around 0.50" to 0.75" Inches of mixed precipitation. Good news is I'm not seeing freezing rain showing up on the Bifkit models at this time. However sleet is very possible! I will however continue to keep a close eye on this. Areas that will see ice to our south will be looking at possible downed trees and power lines.

Be sure to check back again tomorrow before the snow moves in. I will have an even better idea where the real icing event will set up and have a much stronger hold on who will see all snow!! And who will see a mix of Precipitation!

So here's the MAIN storm threats for the WLFI viewing area.

HEAVY SNOW! Most areas around that foot mark.

Some Sleet or Freezing Rain Possible in the Middle and southern counties.

Steady winds between 20 and 28 mph gusting to 35 and 40mph!! This will cause blizzard like conditions across the area!!

Here's a look at your current Watches for this system below.

WINTER STORM WATCH: In effect for the Whole viewing area from Monday evening through Wednesday evening.

BLIZZARD WATCH: In effect from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon for the following counties.


This is one of those systems where if you have anything you need to get then you better do it now! If you don't have to go out Monday night through Wednesday then it is BEST TO STAY HOME!

I will continue to keep you posted on this system. Stay tuned. Also send in your snow pictures to me at I would love to see how much snow everyone see across the area! Who knows, Maybe they will end up on the blog! Stay Safe Everyone! I'll check back.....

God Bless!


Brow said...

This is gonna be crazy. I guess it should help quench that Winter/Snow thirst! :)

I just wanted one big snow dump before we have to satrt worring about Derechos and Tornadoes.

Anonymous said...

Ewww!!!!!!!! I have been watching this storm. Did run out today to get some thing, well its normal grocery day anyway, but dang I forgot dog food..