Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sneak Peak Of This Dangerous Storm!

Just wanted to give you all a quick sneak peak of what we are looking at over Monday, Tuesday, And Wednesday! Nothing is set in stone however a BIG winter storm is definitely upon us! And things could get very dangerous depending on where the main storm track sets up! Ice accumulations of near an inch could be possible for areas who do in fact see ice! That means down trees and power lines!

Right now models are still a little shaky on if we will see all snow or some mixed precip as well. At this time I will give to possible storm tracks.

IF WE STAY ALL SNOW: We could be looking at snowfall totals between 6" and 12" Inches!

IF WE SEEN SNOW AND ICY MIXED PRECIPITATION: Things would be much more tricky and dangerous! Snowfall between 6" and 8" inches. Along with Mixed precipitation between .50" inches and 1" Inch. This would be ice accumulation as well!

On top of all this snow and or mixed precipitation we will also see steady winds on Tuesday and Wednesday between 15 and 27 mph! This isn't even counting the wind GUSTS! Which could be near 40mph at times! Whiteout conditions! This is a storm you all need to take note of!

This is just to give you all an idea as to what we are tracking. I will try to break this system down a little more tonight! Also before I go we are already in the

Winter Storm Watch! In effect fopr the whole WLFI viewing area.

And also a Blizzard Watch In effect for Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties.

Stay Tuned!