Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Many people were calling for this system to move north yesterday. For those of us that don't know anything...what made them think that? It appears to not be moving north. From all of the models I am seeing, it looks like Lafayette may be on the lower end of the snowfall amounts (one to two inches at most). Do you agree?



Hi Duane,

Yes, a lot of meteorologist have been expecting this system to shift north even myself! The reason for this is, We don't just look at the weather models when putting together a forecast. Sometimes you have to look at past weather events such as the weather we have seen this past week. Also we often have to look out to our west when forecasting in the Midwest! The last rain event we had I believe was Monday into Tuesday! by the time it started moving through it was shifting north slowly but surly and the models did not show us this. Not always however usually with a system from our Southwest or even a Colorado Low such as this one, They tend to move a good 100 sometimes 200 miles more north and west then what weather models show us! So this system still could do that. However I do like to have a few more weather model runs under my belt before making my final call. Yes, models are currently showing Lafayette, in that 1" to 2" inch range however I don't want to set that in stone just yet! We still have some time with this system to become more developed. Also more data will be in later on tonight, so we will have to go through that as well.

At this time I feel that there is still time for this system to become more clear with the weather models. So we will just have to continue to keep watching it closely and once more data comes in we will make our final call.

Just remember now that this system is developing and moving in we will be watching much more then just the weather models!

Thanks for your question!

Take Care!

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