Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Minor Changes!

Well, bloggers some of the latest morning data is still agreeing with everything we talked about last night. Meaning the snowfall numbers I have posted in my last update. This system just currently doesn't want to lift more north! However I'm still going to continue to watch this system closely through out the day as things could still change. And I will be back later on this evening / Tonight with another snow - cast map. Last night we was in a winter storm watch however the National weather service has downgraded some of us to a winter weather advisory! Here who below.

Winter Weather Advisory...

Carroll, Warren, Tippecanoe, Clinton, counties. This advisory is in effect from 1:am Thursday to 1:am Friday.

Others in the WLFI viewing area are still in the Winter Storm Watch. Here's who below.

Winter Storm Watch.....

Fountain, Montgomery, counties. This Watch is in effect from Late Tonight through Late Thursday Night.

So again at this time the system has not showed signs of lifting anymore to the north however I will have even more data this evening and an even better idea! So even if it doesn't lift to the north you can still expect another snow - cast update! ;) As for the scattered snow flurries today?!?! I'm not seeing anything more then maybe a quarter inch if that!

Stay Tuned!

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Anonymous said...


Many people were calling for this system to move north yesterday. For those of us that don't know anything...what made them think that? It appears to not be moving north. From all of the models I am seeing, it looks like Lafayette may be on the lower end of the snowfall amounts (one to two inches at most). Do you agree?