Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Developing. Tonight's Post.

Tonight's post will have some details on the temperatures for the rest of this week along with a look at when the next snow chance could be.



Janet in otterbein said...

Hey Justin. I was reading your blog yesterday and seen a comment from someone named brad. He said

"I enjoy your blog, but do respectfully question your forecast being different from other meteorologist."

This just made me wonder. Why read justins blog if you question his forecast everytime.

Is he wrong that often?

Anonymous said...

Justin, I check your blog before I even go to NWS or tv18. You have absolutely no reason to apologize. You give your best estimate with the data you have available. I for one will tell other bloggers that you are pretty close to spot on most of the time. It really is simple for the naysers...They don't have to read your blog...I never have quite figured out why some people feel it is necessary to to tear others down or be negative. You do an excellent job! Maybe I am being a little harsh on Brad, but I didn't see the need for him to be critical of that particular forecast. I honestly believe you were more accurate than most.Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Anonymous said...

People, people, people. Lighten up. I read Justin's blog because I like it. It's well laid out, it's informative, and it's interesting. I can tell Justin works hard at it and it is his passion.

But folks blogs are about people communicating, giving their thoughts and ideas. And, as in life, everyone will not always agree.

I always enjoy reading all posters even if I don't agree. But apparently differing opinions upset some.
I just gave my opinion as to why I thought he was a little unfair the same as Janet and Duane think I was unfair.

So this blog belongs to Justin and I apologize to him for causing these kinds of post to be generated.

I will no longer post, but I will continue to read your blog Justin. Your are very knowledge and I think you would make an outstanding meteorologist. I wish you nothing but the best Justin. Looking forward to see what you think is coming.