Monday, January 24, 2011

How Much Snow Has Lafayette, Seen This January?

Hey bloggers. First off I wanted to start by apologizing. I didn't mean to offend anyone in my last blog post. I wasn't trying to downgrade any meteorologist by saying my forecast was any better then anyone else! That wasn't my intention at all! I know how hard meteorology is! And I would never say that I was better then anyone else. I was proud and figured that it was good news for JIWB that we was among some of the few to call for a high amount of 2" inches. Whether that be a range of a trace to 2" inches which is what my MOS models showed. Or a 1" to 2" inch range. I just got a little excited I guess. However that won't happen again! I will continue post my forecast and just let you all be the judge. Again I Apologize!

It's seems that we have had snow on the ground just about everyday all winter long doesn't it?

As you can see above it's been a winter filled with white fluffy snow and lots of dog tracks in the backyard if your like myself. But just how much snow have we seen so far this month? Take a look.
That's right the January snowfall average is right around 5.4" Inches. However we are running a good 3" inches above our average for this time of year! Lafayette, coming in with a current January snowfall total of 8.4" Inches. With still more winter on the way!

One thing that we need to start doing when it comes to winter weather is (Driving Safe). After the snow fell earlier this morning I came across many reports of over a dozen slide - offs on the road ways! We have gotta start taking our time while out on snow covered slick roads!More than a dozen slide-offs on I-65
Indiana State Police: roads are slick from snow

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. All the snow during the morning commute has caused several slide-offs around Tippecanoe County. Indiana State Police reported more than a dozen slide-offs on Interstate 65 between mile marker 194 and State Road 26 during the morning commute.

Police urged drivers to slow down on the roads.


Here's a look at your quick cast below.

Quick Cast.....

Tuesday we will look for mostly cloudy skies across the area. A few breaks in the clouds are possible. Expect highs around 31* degrees which will feel like a heat wave after highs only in the low teens over last weekend! Lows will be around 18* degrees. Winds light between 3 and 5 mph.

Wednesday we will look for partly cloudy skies across the viewing area. Highs slightly cooler around 29* degrees with lows Wednesday night around 14* degrees. Winds will again be light between 3 and 5 mph.

I'll check back again soon.

Take Care.....

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