Monday, January 24, 2011

JIWB, One Of The Few To Be On Top Of This Small System!

Morning bloggers. Well, a lot of other stations and meteorologist was calling for only minor accumulations snow - wise last night into the early morning hours! However here at JIWB we have been on top of this system from the start! One of the only places calling for a trace to two inches of snowfall. And guess what?? We called it right! Just about everyone in the viewing area reporting between 1" and 2" inches of snow! This is great news for JIWB! Just take a look at these snowfall totals below.

Frankfort, 2.0" Inches.

West - Lafayette, 1.5" Inches.

Remington, 1.2" Inches.

Lafayette, 1.0" Inches.

Kokomo, 1.0" Inches.

Attica, 1.0" Inches.

Logansport, 0.8" Inches.

You can see just about everyone coming in with nothing less then 1" inch. The only report under an inch that I received was from Logansport, as seen above. And even Logansport, was pushing that inch mark.

So lets keep up the good work here at JIWB and continue to be the place to go for all your weather details! Have an Awesome day bloggers. I'll check back with another update later on tonight.

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, Do you see any major storm this month?

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,

I enjoy your blog, but do respectfully question your forecast being different from other meteorologist.

(This is why I believe that between tonight and tomorrow we could see anywhere between a trace and 2" inches area wide. However I believe that most areas will be less then an inch!)

Most areas were over an inch and a forecast of a trace to 2" pretty much guaranteed you would be right with this system. . I think any meteorologist who called for a trace were within the parameters you gave yourself. I think most meteorologist were correct on snow amounts.

But regardless I enjoy your excellent blog and appreciate all the hard work you put into it.

Thank you, Brad

Anonymous said...


Once again you were spot on...I understood what you were calling for. Depending on where you live it could have been anywhere from a trace to two inches. I don't remember seeing many of the biggies calling for an inch to two inches....Great Job....

I'm curious too...Do you forsee any major systems in our future...