Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rain And Fog! Don't Let It Get You Down!! :)

Well, we forecasted fog across the viewing area last night and that is just what we seen! Fog all over the area making the morning a little more tricky then usual! You can see how things looked in the Lafayette, area below.We will continue to see this dense fog across the area until we start to cool off once this cold front pushes through the area. Right now our air temperature and our dew point are so close together! Once these numbers become more apart then we will see the fog start to let up a bit. We are currently looking at an air temperature at 36* degrees with a dew point of 34* degrees. Only a two degrees difference!The fog is slowly starting to let up however not totally out of the area just yet! So if your out driving just remember your fog safety tips and stay safe!

Also we have had light rain through out the night into the morning hours. Here are a few rainfall reports from around the area below.

Rainfall reports.

West - Lafayette, 0.17" Inches.

Logansport, 0.15" Inches.

Otterbein, 0.14" Inches.

Attica, 0.14" Inches.

Lafayette, 0.10" Inches.

Kokomo, 0.05" Inches.

Above is a look at where the cold front is currently setting up around the viewing area. You can see it is very close almost over head however it has not started t pass through the area just yet! Which is why our temperature hasn't started to fall just yet. Once this front pushes through we will feel that big area of cold air spill into the area. We could be talking about below zero temperatures by this weekend! WOW! Right now we are not seeing a lot of precipitation being left on the back side of this cold front however whatever is left would fall in the form of snow. Again I'm only looking for a trace of snow at this time.

I will check back later on tonight with another update on our next chance at some snow flurries / snow showers also our next chance of some accumulating snow by Thursday. And we will even talk about the COLD temperatures on the way for this weekend! ALL THIS COMING UP TONIGHT!


Be sure to check back. And have an AWESOME DAY EVERYONE! :)

God Bless!

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Anonymous said...

I measured 0.19 inches in my rain gauge..and now a Winter Storm Watch has been issued..yuck!