Monday, January 17, 2011

A Wet, Foggy, Night Means A Wet, Foggy, Start To Your Day!

Well, the rain has started to overtake the viewing area as you can see in my local radar image below. Nothing to heavy at this time just some light scattered rain showers across the area. This rain will continue to become more wide spread as the night continues into the early morning hours. We still may see some rain to snow showers as the cold front passes through tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. However I'm only looking for a trace or less then a half inch of snowfall.Radar image taken at 11:26pm EST.....

Also to start off tomorrow (Tuesday) we may see some Patchy fog to go along with the light rain showers. So a foggy wet start to your day is in the forecast. Take a look below.
Nothing to bad however you may want to allow a little extra time just in case we do see this fog develop across the area. With roads being wet, fog would only make things more tricky!

Light rain showers will continue into the late morning hours with some snow starting to mix in possible. We will see our high temperature fall through out the day as the cold front starts to pass over the area in the morning hours.
Even though this has been a mostly rain event, After this cold front starts to pass over the area any precipitation left over on the back side will fall in the form of snow. However again I'm not looking for anything over a half inch. I really believe that most of us if not all of us in the viewing area will only see a trace, (Less then a half inch). Just not a snow maker this time around! Let's go ahead and look at the total forecast quick cast break down below for all the details.

Tonight, (Monday Night), We are tracking the light rain showers across the area. This will continue into tomorrow. Rainfall tonight will be around a tenth inch or less. Lows tonight will only drop to around 32* degrees. Also some patchy fog is possible with the light winds over the cool snow pack still on the ground.

Tuesday We will start out with some Patchy fog in areas and light rain across the viewing area. Currently looking for rainfall between 0.25" inches and 0.30" Inches. The cold front will be near the area around 7:pm EST as seen in the map above. This means we will look for a high of 36* degrees however it will be falling as the day continues. So any precipitation left over will fall in the form of snow. Currently expecting only a trace of snow, Less then a half inch. Winds will be between 10 and 15 mph with lows falling to 14* degrees!

Our next chance at some accumulating snow would be closer to Thursday! I will be watching that along with some scattered snow showers possible before then by Wednesday! Details on that will be posted later on Tuesday Night!

Take care bloggters. I'll check back soon.

God Bless!

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