Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Killer Clean Up!

Hey bloggers. I'm taking a break from working and wanted to post a few pictures of the snow clean up! We had a layer of sleet, Then snow, Then a tenth inch of ice on top of that followed by another layer of snow! This caused nothing but snow blocks after it totally froze over last night. You can't shovel this kind of snow! You have to break it and then lift it aside!
You can see myself doing just that! Each of these ice blocks I'm holding weigh at least 70 - 75 pounds! I'm so glad I lift weights on a daily basis lol :) However I wouldn't recommend that any of you at home try lifting this!
Just wait for it to melt off if you didn't stay head of the storm earlier! It's a killer trying to move this stuff!

I will try to give you all a look into what systems we may have to come soon enough. Right now I gotta get back to work! See you all soon.....

God Bless!

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