Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Summing Up The Snow Event! Thanks TO EVERYONE For Sending In Pictures And Video!

Here's a video summing up this snow event. It's a little sketchy and I'm sorry for that, But I'm just soo tired! You can probably here it in me voice. I'm ready to hit the showers and relax. This storm has been a KILLER for sure!

Also a BIG thank you to everyone who sent in pictures and video! It really helps when you have reports coming in from the viewers! Thank you!

So what do we have to expect overnight? Well, I look for mostly cloudy skies with a few leftover scattered snow flurries across the area. The low tonight will be around -2* degrees without wind chill! Wind blowing between 7 - 10 mph with a few gusts to 20 - 25 mph possible. This will make for a night time wind chill around -20* degrees! We're talking about frost bite in 30 minutes or less.

As for Tomorrow (Thursday) we will look for partly cloudy to mostly clear skies across the area! I know many of you are thinking "SUN FINALLY" lol. Still it will be COLD! High around 16* degrees if we're lucky. With a low around 1* degree. Expect winds between 5 and 10 mph with a few light gusts to 15 mph possible.

So please continue to be careful on the roads as they are still very slick in areas. And be sure to stay weather ready with this cold tonight and over the next few days!! I'm going to rest up a bit and I'll check back again soon. I leave you with another blogger video sent in by Brow, in Monticello.

I like the song! It adds a nice touch :)

Thanks again Brow, and everyone who sent in pictures and video! This wouldn't be a weather blog without you.

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Good job Justin and Brow!! Wow what a couple of days..

Thank you Justin, you will be on the weather channel some day :)


JIWB said...

Oh Teri, if only you knew how much I would love to be on the Weather channel!!! Reporting in the storms! Making video. Forecast. Whatever! I would love it!


Anonymous said...

Justin, another fine job with this system...

What is your best guess about the moisture setting up for a system Monday-Tuesday?