Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Latest.

Alright here's the latest data at this time!
I still like the lower snowfall amounts that I called for earlier with lots of sleet as we have seen. Right now I'm seeing warmer air aloft around 33* and 34* degrees which indicates that we will look for sleet between now and 10:pm EST. I don't think we will be seeing all snow in the Lafayette, area until after midnight. Also we have a break in the snow coming. Yes, a dry slot is setting up. however this could be good news for areas in central Indiana around Indianapolis! And even Montgomery, and Fountain, counties! Because this means we will cut back on ice accumulation! Take a look at the dry slot setting up in the radar image below.
Radar Image Taken At 6:26pm EST.....

So we will continue to see snow to the north with sleet in areas around Lafayette. And sleet and ice mix south of Lafayette, in parts of Montgomery, and Fountain, counties. All snow for the viewing area after Midnight. Here's a look at the latest snow - cast map below. This map is showing how much snow we will expect tonight into Wednesday. This on top of what we already have across the viewing area!
You can see I expect an additional 2" to 4" inches in Montgomery, and Fountain, counties. With 4" to 6" inches in Lafayette. 5" to 7" inches up around Monticello. And 8" to 10" inches north of there. Again this is what I expect on top of what has already fallen across the viewing area. Amounts will be different a few miles from the next! It's just that kind of system!

Roads are very slick thanks to this sleet! I myself have never seen such a sleet storm! It is a pain! No joke! It hurts when your out trying to keep the walks clear! I have been getting pounded with ice pellets all evening. You can see the sleet video in my older post.

I will continue to watch this system as it continues to move across the area. Stay off the roads if you can and stay safe bloggers! Also send your weather pictures and reports to me at dobby1717@aol.com I'll check back as needed.

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

I know, this sleet hurts when it hits your face..I dont recall ever seeing this much sleet either..Wow!! And it is very heavy to try to shovel, be careful!

Teri in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

wow 18+ more up north?

Anonymous said...

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