Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Roads Are Snow And Ice Covered!

I was just out and around Lafayette, and let me tell you that it is Dangerous!! Roads are very very slick. If you have two wheel drive your not going anywhere! Even with four wheel drive it's very slick! So don't think that just because you have four wheel drive then your good to go! That's not the case. Road crews are out all over doing the best they can to stay on top of this storm. As snow showers continue across the area it's making it tough on them! Here's a look at Beck Lane, In Lafayette below.Also here's another pictures taken in Lafayette of 18th street looking north! Totally snow and ice covered. Yes, I said ice covered! All that sleet we had and that thin layer of freezing rain last night made a nice icy glaze on top of our snow pack. And now fresh snow if falling on top of that!
So I'm telling you all if you don't REALLY have to go out then please stay off the roads! I am glad to say that everyone seems to be doing a good job that are out on the roads at this time. Taking it nice and slow! Good Job Drivers!

Here are the latest snowfall reports!

Lafayette, Between 5.0" and 6.0" Inches.

Attica, 6.5" Inches.

Frankfort, 5.5" Inches.

Fort Wayne, 12.0" Inches! WOW!

Again expect scattered light to moderate snowfall across the viewing area through out the day! With some winds back up gusting to 20 - 25mph closer to 30mph the more north you go later on this evening possible. I have a BIG post coming up later on tonight talking about all the snow we have seen across the area along with video and pictures! It's all coming up tonight, with a look at how cold we will be over the next few days.

See you then!
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