Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lowering Snowfall... Sleet...

Bloggers I have gone through more data and I'm sorry to say for the snow lovers but I'm going to lower the snowfall amounts! And raise the sleet and ice totals!

Lafayette, has already picked up more sleet then expected this evening. I have recorded 1.0" Inches of sleet up to this point and time! Also reports of 0.10" Inches of ice in Montgomery county. This was supposed to be Montgomery counties grand ice total! So we will need to raise that as well. Here is my new thinking on sleet and ice totals. These numbers will be added on top of what sleet and ice has already fallen across the area.

Yes, I think Lafayette will pick up another 1.50" Inches of sleet between tomorrow and Wednesday! A half inch tomorrow and the other inch or maybe even 1.50" inches on Wednesday!

Also a tenth to a quarter inch more ice in Montgomery, county with another half inch in southern Montgomery county possible! With over an inch of ice in Indianapolis! Remember this is on top of what has already fallen!

Here's a look at the new snow - cast map. This is the storm total!
Yes, I have dropped Lafayette to 5" to 10" Inches possible. This is because I'm expecting much more sleet and snow rather then all snow! The sleet will cut down totals in this storm. Areas that stay all snow will see the higher amounts. Areas north of Tippecanoe, county. Areas of Fountain and Montgomery, counties have been dropped to 5" maybe 7" inches with 4" to 6" inches in southern Fountain, and Montgomery counties. Fort Wayne, I'm keeping in mainly snow, Little Sleet mix is possible! I will keep you in a 8" to 12" range as well. I know this is a WIDE range for Lafayette, and around areas! However this could go ether way!

Again this is why I have lowered amounts.

We have already seen more sleet then expected. I look for the sleet to win out through much of this storm. With another 1.5" to 2.0" inches of sleet on the way! That ice line is so close that it needs to be watched CLOSELY over time!

That's the latest as of 12:am bloggers. Stay safe!

I'll continue to check back as needed.

Send your weather reports and pictures to me at dobby1717@aol.com Thanks!


Anonymous said...

are you happy about that

JIWB said...

Not at all. I would much rather have all snow then mess with the sleet and ice in the viewing area!

Ice and Sleet are way more dangerous depending on how much you see!