Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update As Of 3:00 AM EST

Alright bloggers I'm still up late burning the midnight oil. We are gonna see Snow, Sleet, And icing across the viewing area. What we thought was gonna be a mostly snow event is now gonna be a snow sleet event with light icing across parts of the area. But why? well, I have a map below that I feel may help tell the story!We have a strong low pressure system that is causing the winds and precipitation. And we have a LOT of cold cold cold polar air just to our east. With not so cold air to our southwest. This counter clockwise spinning low pressure system is pulling in some of the warmer air. This warm air is being lifted into our colder air causing lots of sleet and freezing rain across the state of Indiana! You can see the pink line above that shows where the freeze line is setting up. Anyone around this line such as Lafayette, are near by cities will see some Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain, between now and early Wednesday. Here's a closer look below.Heavy Heavy snow north of Remington. We're talking snow over 20" Inches up north around Chicago! At this time I believe that even Remington, could see some sleet mixed with snow later on this afternoon / evening before becoming all snow. However areas of Monticello, and then south of there could see some Light Ice accumulation. Yes, I wouldn't rule out around a quarter inch of ice possible around the Lafayette, area with around a half inch of ice in the Montgomery, county and Fountain, county area possible! This means some power outages could be possible in parts of the viewing area! Along with this ice in the Lafayette, area we will see sleet! Around 1.5" inches of sleet near 2" inches possible between Lafayette, Monticello, And near by Cities.

I will still keep Lafayette, and cities around Lafayette, in the 5" to maybe 10" Inch snow range. I think we will be somewhere between this range with the way things look at this time, maybe around 6" - 8" inches. Still with the fact that a slight shift of sleet to snow could change amounts I will keep the wider range! Areas, just north of Lafayette, slightly higher amounts as well as areas south of Lafayette, slightly lower amounts. As for the heaviest snow! I believe that would be later on this late afternoon early evening into early Wednesday!

Right now we are in a break from the winter precipitation before the rest of this system gets underway!You can see the Freeze Line is right around the Lafayette, area. So Mixed precipitation will be the story through out much of today until we change over to all snow later on this evening into early Wednesday. Our snowfall totals will really be picked up on the back side of the system.

So at this time we will just have to keep watching that freeze line and icing event! A Half inch of ice is more then enough to cause problems. And our southern counties should be storm ready just in case power goes out!

I'm gonna go and get some sleep. I'll be back here with an update this afternoon. Until then (TAKE CARE!)

Send your weather pictures and snowfall reports to me at dobby1717@aol.com Thank you!

God Bless!


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