Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, Sleet, And Ice. We Got It All.

Still watching that freeze line closely as the system continues to move closer! I'm currently looking for this to start in sometime around 1:pm or 2:pm EST this afternoon. I'm still going with Sleet - Snow mix for most of the viewing area, Along with some more icing in Lafayette, and just south of Lafayette. I still see temperatures aloft at 6,000FT between now and 4:pm EST right around 34* to 32* degrees *F. We will in time change over to all snow however not until we get these temperatures below freezing aloft. And that will be later on this evening / tonight.

Here is the latest Sleet - Ice outlook for the area. I have upped the numbers.
You can see north of Lafayette has a chance at around a tenth inch of icing or less. Lafayette, with the freeze line moving more north I still think it will be mostly snow however around a quarter inch of ice is still possible! I cannot rule it out yet! That's why I put us in that .25" to .50" range at this time. Just south of Tippecanoe, county in Montgomery, county and Fountain, county you could see a half inch of ice! With 1" to 1.5" Inches of ice south of you int he indianapolis area.

I do believe that sleet will be the main thing in much of the viewing area. Lafayette, and near by cities could pick up another 1.0" to 1.5" Inches of sleet! Areas around Fort Wayne, could pick up another .50" to .99" Inches of sleet. With that being said here's your new snow - cast map.Yes, Montgomery, county along with Fountain, county in that 3" to 5" inch range with Lafayette and near by cities in that 4" to 8" inch band. Areas north of Lafayette, looking for 6" to 9" inches up around Remington. And north of Remington, expecting 10" + inches. With more snow the more north and east you go.
((And I just want to make clear that these Ice and Snowfall numbers are on top of what we have already seen!))

So if these ice number are right we could be talking about power outages across the central and mainly southern parts of the viewing area. I still have winds expected to gust between 30 and 35 mph as this second half of the storm pushes through. So please be careful if your out! Here's a look at your county travel status map below.http://www.in.gov/dhs/files/travel-advisory-map/

I posted the link to that map above so you can have a closer look!

If you can stay home that is the best thing you can do! New info is that White, and Cass, counties have been put into the Blizzard Warning. This warning is in effect from 1:pm EST this afternoon through 7:pm EST Wednesday.

I'll Check Back.....

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