Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowfall reports As Of Now!

Right around 4.5" to 5.0" inches of snow in the Tippecanoe, county area. Logansport, is my current highest report this morning with 9.5" inches. Second current highest is from Rochester, with 8.0" inches.

I will continue to have snowfall totals as they continue to come in! You can send me your weather pictures and reports to Thanks again!

Also cold temperatures are on the way! You can expect a low tonight of -6* degrees WITHOUT Wind chill! This is Dangerous cold! Thursday look for a high only around 16* degrees with a low of 2* degrees. Again without wind chill! I'll talk more about this later on tonight.....


Anonymous said...

Justin do you think we will still see strong winds?

JIWB said...

I do still think winds to 30 - 35 mph will be possible.