Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Need Hot Coffee! ;)

Off and on snow showers will pretty much be the storm from now on! You can see the scattered snow to our east in this radar image below. With some heavier snow north of Lafayette.
Radar Image Taken At 7:05am EST.....

The thing we will need to watch now will be the winds. Yes, the winds will be between 15 and 20 mph. However later on this afternoon / evening they could try to pick up once again gusting to 30 mph. So blowing and drifting snow is gonna continue to be a threat!

Take a look at this wind information from last night below. This is the wind information for the last ten hours! Some amazing numbers.

LAFAYETTE 35 MPH / 954 PM 47 MPH / 856 PM

INDIANAPOLIS 33 MPH / 229 AM 51 MPH / 227 AM

TERRE HAUTE 31 MPH / 153 AM 44 MPH / 144 AM

MUNCIE 30 MPH / 906 PM 47 MPH / 904 PM

BLOOMINGTON 31 MPH / 127 AM 48 MPH / 1223 AM


The thing after the snow is going to be the COLD polar air that will over take the area. I will talk about that in tonight's blog post. Let me just say that nightly lows could be BELOW ZERO! Right now I'm gonna get me a HOT cup of Coffee, and go shovel and measure the snowfall. Stay safe bloggers. I really hope none of you have to head out this morning.

I'll check back with some current storm total snowfall very soon!

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