Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowfall Reports.

Well, bloggers the snow is pushing off to our east as I type and we are left with this wet heavy snow - pack to deal with! We did pick up between 3" and 5" inches across a good part of my main snow zone forecast area. Here is a look at the snowfall reports from this morning below.You can see anywhere from 6.3" inches up around Fort Wayne, all the way to 3.5" inches in the Remington, area. 3.8" inches in Fountain, county around Covington, And 5.0" inches in Tipton! You can tell just a few miles one way or the other and the snowfall amounts are slightly different. Here is a closer local snowfall report map below.I will check back later on tonight with a few pictures and another look at the final snow count in the area. Right now I gotta few things I need to get done. So please stay safe bloggers and God Bless!

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